Aligning the Armies of Heaven and Earth!

Dear Advancing Ones:

During this 40-day period, we must continue to set our face like a flint to gain the revelation that uncovers the enemy.  Our next watch will be tonight at 7 PM CDT when Linda Heidler teaches on “Aligning the Armies of Heaven and Earth!”  Let’s continue to seek the Lord’s new order and alignment with the Host of Heaven in this online-only gathering that will also be available by replay.

Receive a New Backbone of Authority!

The Lord is developing a new level of authority in His people.  On Sunday morning, there was a “backbone” anointing activated during worship.  LeAnn Squier even shared about the woman bent over and who could not stand up straight (Luke 13: 10-17).  Later that day, we received this incredible update from Linda Clark, who has been struggling with back issues for years.

“I watched the worship gathering after someone told me about the words released on the backbone.  I’ve made it through my third spinal surgery. This time it was in L2 & L3.  I had so much pain prior to surgery that I could not walk well or straight, but this surgery was hellish for a season. I had about 9 bone grafts. My back was broken in order to recreate the spinal curve I had lost in the first surgery. I now walk upright — no pain where it used to be — and I believe the surgeon may have gotten close to my 45 degree angle back. (I was a 65, – 15 degrees off.)  I’m still recovering, but the worst is over. Thanks for the prayers!  Somehow my situation, I believe, has something to do with the Body. He is straightening and strengthening our spines/backbones for sure, but now our muscles have to catch up and our walking be regained so we can be better than ever before.”


Chuck D. Pierce