Experiencing Shalom Through War and Recovery!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The Lord is raising up a company of “WARRIOR HEROES” in the spiritual realm!  We are called to take a stand against the enemy and do exploits in the power of His name; the way to peace is allowing Yahweh Shalom to lead you in victory (warfare) over the enemy.  As Robert Heidler shared yesterday from the life of Gideon, only when God’s heroes defeat the enemy can there be true rest in the land.

Help is on the Way!  His Name is the Key to Unlock Your Way of Escape!

Dreams are an important way that the Lord communicates with us.  He is very creative, and we never want an avenue of revelation blocked.  Yesterday morning, Linda Heidler shared a dream about three gray figures that captured her and contorted her body to fit completely in a 2-foot box.  She was then stacked along with many, many similar boxes, and had to hear her way of escape from what appeared to be a hopeless situation.  (I encourage you to listen to the complete dream on GZITV.)

This scenario represents how the enemy is trying to put us in a very narrow place. However, I heard the Spirit of God say, “Although the enemy is coming to try to form a three-fold cord against you to minimize you, lock you into a place, and make you common with everything around you, I have already put in you the way to get out, the way to call out.  I have put in you the help that is already on the way. You will be delivered and come through this narrow place and be brought out into the place that I have for you. My Name is key to unlock what you need to have unlocked.  So get ready – help is on the way!”  Declare that your help is being unlocked by the power of His Name!

We must remain sensitive to what the Spirit of God is speaking in the night season.


Chuck D. Pierce