Celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with Jesus!

Rejoice in This Week of Experiencing God’s Glory!

Dear Celebrating Ones:

The Feast of Tabernacles is an appointed time to experience God’s glory.  As we choose to surrender all and come into His presence with thanksgiving, our hearts are liberated to celebrate His goodness. Following yesterday’s worship and personal ministry, Robert Heidler shared, “God gave us a foretaste of Tabernacles this morning by visiting us with His presence!” As Robert taught, Tabernacles is a time of celebration with family and friends, enjoying extended times of meeting with the Lord, and experiencing the overflowing joy of His presence. The primary instruction the Lord gave for this feast is to REJOICE! If you were not able to join our Celebration Service and hear Robert’s teaching on “The Word Became Flesh!”, I encourage you to watch the replay and join us in celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles with Jesus.

Our Decrees Bring the Will of Heaven to Earth!

This “pey” era is about the voice that comes out of your house. You are determining the rule of your future through what you declare. Here are two testimonies of how our decrees are bringing heaven’s will to earth.

“There is a home in Lubbock [Texas] being built for pregnant women. You are part of what is happening there. The building was used for abortions but a woman that had had an abortion there felt led by the Lord to purchase this building and rebuild it for these mothers …. now called Heritage House. Chuck, you came to Lubbock, I believe in 2013, and prophesied over Lubbock, “the City of Refuge.” Planned Parenthood closed down in 2013, so it has come full circle to a place of life, abundant life.  Thank you!”   Sherry G.

“I wanted to let you know that I had an assignment to make decrees in and across the state of Florida last week. My husband transports yachts for a living across the USA. As he was coming home from the East Coast, he said they were sending him to Miami this week. I felt in my spirit I was to go with him. This is no vacation as my husband drives straight there and back.

“I knew this was an assignment, but what? On the way Dutch Sheets put out on Give Him 15 about decrees being made on I-95. I knew in my spirit that was the assignment. 

“Here is the decree I made across the Florida turnpike and into N Miami and then up I-95 – ‘I decree and declare this is a time that God is filling His people in FL, all along I-95, from FL to Maine and west to every state … with His Glory. God is bringing the reign of Christ to the nations, including the USA … Satan shall fall like lightening as God’s people reap a great harvest of souls like none that has ever been seen before! In Jesus Name.’”
   Cindy T. 

Continue to open your mouth and decree your atmosphere will align with the will of heaven.


Chuck D. Pierce

The Angels Are Now Positioned! Watch Today’s “Give Him 15!” and See Where We Are Headed in the Supernatural Harvest War of the Future!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We have entered a year of supernatural confrontation and warring for divine recovery! Earlier this week, I was privileged to join Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets for a special taping of Give Him 15 for Dutch Sheets Ministries.  What the Lord showed us about angelic visitation and positioning is probably one of the most important things to hear for the coming year. The war over the harvest of America has shifted and, wherever you live, I strongly encourage you to watch today’s Give Him 15 and pray for the supernatural changes that will accelerate in April 2023.  


Chuck D. Pierce