A Time to Define! 
Key Prophetic Revelation to Bring You into the “Good” of God’s Future!

Dear Advancing Ones:

Our Celebration Services provide an opportunity to ascend in worship and descend in war, keeping a prophetic portal open for you all week.  As we began to ascend in worship on Sunday morning, we asked the Lord to define what would springboard us to a new place of divine recovery.  Here is a portion of the revelation that broke forth to help you accelerate into the “good” of God’s future!

“I Am defining enemies. You are defining your enemy one way, but I’m going to show you what your real enemy is.  When you begin to celebrate over the defeat of that enemy, you will rise to new heights.  Many are looking at the result and consequence of the lie of the enemy, but look at the source of the lie and you will know how to defeat what is attempting to weaken and defeat you!

“I Am the Sower of the seed and I Am the Reaper of the crop. Look and see what you have sown over the last year. Name every seed, because the rain fell on the latter-day harvest and you will now see the fruit from that rain multiply before your eyes. What the enemy meant for harm, I Am turning for good.  Every seed sown last year will bring the crop of this next year.  I Am enlarging your capacity to house the anointing I Am placing in you this season. Every place the enemy tried to cause destruction in you, I Am healing to the uttermost.  I Am enlarging your capacity to receive the love and extend the love.

Many of you are confused, for you have one definition of things working out for your good, and I have a totally different definition of what ‘good’ looks like for your future. Quit hedging your bets on what you want to look ‘good’ and submit to My will of what ‘good’ will look like for your future. I Am not the God of confusion and you have agreed with confusion this hour. I Am hovering over you now to deal with the spirit of confusion that you have gotten in bed with. I Am not the God of confusion! Quit hedging your bets, for I will work things out for your good. My good will be worked out for you.

“When you come to a place where you don’t see your way through, stretch out the staff that I gave you and watch Me split the sea in front of you! Stop thinking, ‘How am I going to do this?’ Listen to My word and I will split that path open for you!  Go through! Go through! Go through!  Don’t make it complicated listening for the source of My voice, for I Am all around! You can grab hold of Me by just lifting your hand up. Quit focusing on the distraction and embrace the access I have promised.  

“I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  You have been given a sound mind so do not agree with the enemy and waver back and forth in your thoughts. Align your thoughts and mind with Me and only agree with Me.  Some have shrunk back from My preparation. Prepare to go through, for I will give you what you need to advance. I will cause you to taste and eat of what you need so you have the strength to go through. Quit shrinking back from My table!”  (Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Shatece McLeod, Keevy Phillips, Amman Beeftu, Mark Waldrep, Joshua Awbrey)


Chuck D. Pierce