Dear Advancing Ones:

Faith Rising has taken off the next two weeks.  Daniel and Amber Pierce want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and are thankful for each of you.  There are so many incredible episodes, and we encourage you to watch one of the previous shows you may have missed.  Let your faith rise!

Prophecy Releases Faith!

Here are some incredible prophetic words that have come forth this week: 

On Sunday morning, I had a word of knowledge and saw “120 DAYS” flash in my spirit man.  I began to prophesy “The Lord is saying 120 days and I will heal … 120 days and I will heal!”  Keevy Phillips then prophesied, “In these 120 days, I will do unique healings and they’ll not just be in the church. They’ll be in bars, at concerts, at casinos, at cigar-lounges … they will be at places you would not expect the healing power of God to be in operation.” 

The musicians continued to allow their instruments to prophesy.  I could hear the Lord saying, “I will begin to heal.  There will be mass healings all across this land.  Be prayerful as you move forward and be an agent of change wherever I send you in this hour.”

Chad Foxworth began to prophesy, “In these 120 days, I say SOUND MIND will come forth.  See how I Am using sound with you this morning to create a sound mind.  When I tell you to lay on hands and release healing, then ‘HEAL SOMEBODY!’”

I also heard the Spirit of God saying, “I am raising up an army.  Remember Gad! A troop tried to troop over him; but at the end you will put your feet on that troop that tried to overtake you!”

PENNY JACKSON sent this amazing word this morning: 

“All is coming into My pleasant lines!  You might not be comfortable in those lines right now.  Everything that should be happening is happening for now.  All is well and moving according to My plan!  Nothing or no one is surprising Me with their: actions, manipulations and declarations.  What is happening now should be happening now.  No one is slipping anything past Me.  I know all.  Judgment is coming.  No one can get by with anything forever. I will shut down the overtake of this nation and world when the time is exactly right … not a moment too early or a moment too late.

“I have the perfect plan in place. What you see is not truth yet.  What you see is not the reality that is Mine, and My reality is the only one that matters because My reality is truth.

“Don’t put your focus on what you see or what you think needs to change. Continue to pray for My Kingdom to come, for My will to be done … here on earth as it is in heaven. You can’t pray for specifics unless I show them to you because My thoughts are so far above yours, and My plans for what is ahead aren’t conceivable to you in your finiteness. You will see them, though. You will see them come to pass.

“Take each day as it comes. Ask each day what is yours to accomplish for Me. Talk to Me. Interact with Me. Walk hand in hand with Me. Learn to hear My voice in a new way as you spend time with Me. I need you on high alert for what is ahead. I need you to hear My every nuance.

“Suspend judgment for now for these are things you don’t understand. Certain things that seem wrong must happen for right to come forth. It may be disturbing; it will be disturbing, but just watch and wait. I have this in control.

“People are being moved around like chess pieces, taking their position in a game that many don’t even understand, even those who are the pieces. Just watch Me move, watch Me play. The winning move is Mine.

“You have heard the tales of old in My Word, how I moved mightily on behalf of My people. This season will be like those days when I will move so sovereignly, so supernaturally, that people will be in awe.  It’s unlike anything you have seen in your times. It will spin the world in a way it hasn’t in centuries.

“You are a part of this. I have made you for such a time as this. It won’t be an easy time, but with your hand placed in Mine, with your heart close to Mine, you will make it through. Knowing that something would change, knowing that I would move but not seeing it yet has been a challenge already. There are other challenges ahead. But remind yourself that although My people were often in a tight spot before I moved, I always moved on their behalf. I will move in yours as well.  Get ready. Exciting times ahead.”

A New Sound of Change!
I received the most incredible gift from Switzerland this week.  A bell represents change!  This bell is one if their top honors.  Catharine Paris, visiting Pasqual & Norma Urrabazo, presented it to me.  I bless and honor the Kingdom remnant in Switzerland!


Chuck D. Pierce