The Fruit of Your Sowing … the Harvest Ahead in the 10/40 Window!

A Report and Request from Doris Wagner on Reaching the Unreached People Groups!

Dear Sowing Ones:

What you sow comes back to you!  Many times we do not see the fruit of what has been sown in difficult ground.  However, this special report from Doris Wagner on praying through the 10/40 Window will give you vision for the harvest ahead.  I encourage you to listen to this short video, and then read her update and request on reaching the remaining 290 Unreached People Groups.  

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God greatly brightened my day recently when I received a newsletter from John Robb. We (Peter and I) worked very closely with John during the time when we led the worldwide prayer movement back in the 1990s. Also, our close friends and co-laborers Chuck Pierce, Cindy Jacobs, Luis Bush and the heads of many mission and evangelism organizations were very involved.  Seemingly everyone we invited to join us in mobilizing a major prayer effort to reach the 1,739 largest unevangelized people groups anxiously and enthusiastically joined in this prayer effort.

All these groups were researched and one church in Louisiana produced a pamphlet describing each group. Then we asked churches to adopt a group and fervently pray for their evangelization.Some churches sent teams to the people group to “pray onsite with insight.” Some churchesworked with mission organizations and sent missionaries to evangelize. At that time, it just seemed as though people here were very anxious to help, and by the way, everyone carried their own expenses. At one point in time, my husband estimated that 50 million intercessors were taking part in this enormous task.  We held many training seminars to help equip these wonderful volunteers in intercession and spiritual warfare. The enthusiasm was great and the cooperation was thrilling to see. 

This program was purposely set to continue in motion for ten years, with the understanding it would be carried on by its own momentum. Three years ago, I asked the folks who still were working with the evangelization side of things how many people groups had been adequately evangelized so that the church could then carry on by itself. I was thrilled to hear that the number had been lowered to about 550. 

But then I got John Robb’s letter last month and it turns out we are coming in the home stretch and are down to 290 unreached people groups of a million or more inhabitants per group who do not yet have a church strong enough to carry on alone. Of course, these are in the hardest to reach places due to geo-political barriers. But we have such a wonderful group of workers available from so many nations in the world that we can figure this out. In the meantime, we can all pray and make a huge contribution in that way.  Let me quote John’s letter directly to you:


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Thanks for your interest in the adoption prayer initiative we in the Unreached Peoples Task Force are undertaking. I am also grateful that Doris Wagner, with whom I worked in the AD2000 and Beyond movement in the 1990s, is helping to get the word out. Here is some more information for you as well as a few attached resources I hope will be helpful to you and any others you are in touch with who would like to engage in this effort that we hope will be shared around the world by many ministry leaders and intercessors.

Many of us in the prayer and mission movements believe that we may well be in the run-up to the return of our Lord Jesus Christ! He told us to watch for the signs of the times to know when that will be and perhaps the most important sign is that the ethne, the ethnic people groups, mentioned in Matthew 24:14 and 28:19 are now within the possibility of being reached with the Gospel even by 2030. What a time to be alive and to serve the returning King of Kings!

We need to greatly multiply and expand both the prayer and mission efforts to ignite movements for Him in every one of the Frontier People Groups, those most unreached groups with less than one per thousand who follow Jesus. Of the several thousand Unreached People Groups, there are 290 Frontier People Groups, each over one million in size, that are called “frontier” because they are the least reached, making up about 1.6 billion people. Joshua Project maintains the list of all the FPGs https://joshuaproject.net/frontier/4  These largest 290 are the most strategic people groups to reach first because as they respond to the Gospel, movements for Christ that develop within them will likely overflow out to the smaller FPGs in proximity as the powerful momentum of disciple-making church planting movements is unleashed. 

The prayer and mission movements need your help! We are seeking to get churches, prayer groups and children’s ministries worldwide, through their denominations and networks, to systematically adopt each one of these 290 by this year’s end. Jesus commanded that we pray to the Lord of the harvest to send workers into His harvest field (Matthew 9:37-38). Prayer is the powerful supernatural way that mission is enabled to happen, even in the most resistant and unreached places and people groups! When each of these 290 are adopted for ongoing prayer that specifically focuses on them in an in-depth manner by multiple ministry entities, it will result in an explosive, synergistic leap forward in seeing Jesus’ command to reach the ethne accomplished in this decade. The attached brief video, “Understanding the Remaining Mission Task” provides a helpful overview on where we are in completing this all-important mission of the Lord. https://youtu.be/IYwcmPoByhg

Here attached are the 290 prayer cards for these largest FPGs. They can be enlarged to be placed on the wall of a church or prayer group’s meeting place or given out as bookmarks for members’ Bibles to remind them to pray regularly for the raising up of workers and movements for Christ in the people group they have adopted. Joshua Project www.joshuaproject.net has many wonderful resources to help them find out more about their people group. Also, adopting entities can always do their own research and seek to network with others who have the same FPG as their focus. Soon, a new web platform will enable the formation of digital prayer communities to connect those with the same FPG in ongoing prayer that will also accelerate and multiply mission engagement.

We would deeply appreciate your help in getting this challenge out to any churches, prayer groups, youth and children’s ministries you are in touch with. We have found through experience that usually it is best to assign just one of these FPGs to each ministry entity, including one of the attached prayer cards with your request, so that hopefully all of these 290 Frontier People Groups will then be covered by one or more churches or prayer ministries as their responsibility. They can be asked to pray for the coming year and then to renew that commitment or shift to another people group after that if they like. Please also ask each adopting entity to let you know they have made that commitment so we can track what is happening. Some tech people will help to track each adoption, connect them with field teams where possible and communicate how their prayers are being answered.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours in Christ,

John Robb

Unreached Peoples/Adopt a People Task Force Coordinator


Additional Resources• Largest Frontier People Handout• Largest Frontier Peoples Poster• Largest Frontier Peoples Presentation Slides• Joshua Project Prayer Cards of Unreached People Group• John Robb Bio


Help us reach our goal of 2,900 churches and Christian organizations to faithfully pray for the lost. It would bring enormous joy to this old lady to see that job brought to completion.  Please feel free to forward this to prayer groups. There is an enormous amount of research here that may look overwhelming at first, but if your Bible study class or Sunday School class or church or group could join in this effort, it would be a blessing to you and to the unreached.

Please adopt a group and let’s work together to finish the task of world evangelization.

May God bless you, and thank you very much,

Doris Wagner



Chuck D. Pierce

The Impact of Your Kingdom Investment!

A Time to Secure the Global Spheres Center Debt Free!

Dear Securing Ones:

This is a time to see and refine your vision.  Out of that vision you can decree your future. We are in a Kingdom moment!  We must develop a testimony that will overcome the opposing enemies of oppression, injustice, and Holy Spirit resistors.  The purpose of this letter is to finish a testimony that began over 10 years ago. Let me explain.

In 2011, the Lord chose to move the ministry out of a facility that had become too small. I really had no idea what all would transpire as we stepped out in faith, took a deep breath, and obeyed.  Cindy Jacobs had prophesied publicly that the Lord said “Corinth” to her and that He wanted to use me to create a prototype that would represent His Kingdom plan for the future. I watched the Lord lead.  As we began to pray, and I continued to travel, the Lord had the group representing this large Boeing building that had set desolate for 10 years in Corinth to contact me. They knew that we had sizable gatherings in the area and wondered if we were interested in the facility.  I realized that securing this big, messy structure would require me to borrow money – when we already had land north of Denton. And on top of that, the process of restoring the building looked so ominous … I was overwhelmed. But the Lord spoke to me and said, “Do you love the people that I am gathering together for the future enough to go into debt for them? I loved you enough to pay your debt… I will walk with you and guide you.” I had never wanted my wife to be in debt, nor the church, His Bride. But I submitted. 

Upon purchasing the place, I asked the Lord how to begin and He said, “Begin the way that I began: plant a garden.” Then Daniel and Amber Pierce came and told me that they were called to Israel, and felt they were to move there to represent what we were about. This was in a time of war and made me very nervous. However, the Lord had told me how to start and now was also divinely connecting us to Israel in a new way. Then Rebekah and Nathan Faubion, my daughter and her husband, (who now live in Los Angeles) came and told me the Lord had directed them to move to New York City to pursue their careers. With more of my family moving away I felt my life was totally out of control, and all I could do was take a leaping step of faith and let God begin to rearrange everything around us. That leap of faith caused the Lord to bring us to the place where we are today, and you have been an integral part of what He has done.

This site of 41 acres is located on I-35, a major thoroughfare from Mexico to Canada, and has now become the prototype apostolic center known as THE GLOBAL SPHERES CENTER.  This is a Center that houses Glory of Zion International Ministries that communicates to a warring, prophetic remnant in all the nations throughout the earth. We have invested in Israel and still have our beachhead building there, Glory of Zion Jerusalem that Daniel and Amber Pierce established.  We also are a facility where the First Nations of North America align.   This Center is home to the Israel Prayer Garden, Beulah Acres Center, andSolomon’s Porch.  This portion of the ministry is used daily for community activities and helps to reveal what Israel will one day look like in full bloom.  Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists and farmers throughout the entire region gather here to train for the future.  Groups and organizations from all cities in the surrounding area use these facilities.  

This Center houses what is known as Global Spheres Tabernacle, which functions to gather, celebrate and worship a Living God whose Son died and resurrected for our redemptive purpose.  This Center is home to Illuminate! Creative Arts Studio, fostering an atmosphere of creativity where children and adults of all ages from the community can receive dance, music, art, theater, and vocal instruction. Likewise in this Center, Shiloh Fitness helps guide those in the community to become both physically and spiritually fit. This Center houses Restored Glory, a place where widows and retired individuals serve the community by helping to establish their dwelling places. We are in the process of completing the space called the Miracle Center to be used in many, many ways in days ahead.  This Center also serves as the Emergency and Disaster Relief Center for the entire area.  

This is a sending Center for Kingdom Harvest Alliance to reach neighborhoods, cities, states, and nations throughout the earth.  Peter and Doris Wagner pioneered the need for apostolic centers for Kingdom use in days ahead.  Peter Wagner’s Treasury Room is located here, as well as Global Spheres, Inc. This Center is well known as a pioneering portal for prophetic, apostolic prayer throughout the earth and is where the Global Spheres Prayer Tower resides.  This Center also houses the Be Whole Wellness Center, a resource helping individuals with their health and wellbeing.

God gave us this incredible property of 41 acres with all of its facilities for $5.5 million. The estimated value of this place now is well over $30 million so what has been invested has multiplied greatly. WE ONLY OWE $2.2 MILLION DOLLARS TO HAVE THIS FACILITY COMPLETELY DEBT FREE. We all have debt structures, but as Haggai says we also need to focus on the place He has chosen first, before we build our own houses and homes. In case of a severe change in economic structures in days ahead, we need to have this place fully free and clear of any worldly control and devoted for Kingdom use.  We need a place that, in case of emergency, the remnant knows where they can come.  The Lord quickened and pricked my heart about us getting the place we have all invested in out of debt. 

This is very good soil and a great Kingdom investment for all of our future. I know that any gift you send will be returned by the Lord for your future.  We love and appreciate you and thank you for your commitment to all the Lord is doing in and through this portal.  In the 10+ years we have dwelt here I have never felt to do this before. But after visiting with Ukrainian leaders and ministering to them while they were in their bunkers, I do believe this is the time to secure our future.  Let’s get this portal free and clear so we all can say we have a place that will not fall in days ahead.  You can give at www.gloryofzion.org, by calling 1-888-965-1099, or by mailing your gift to PO Box 1601, Denton TX 76202.


Chuck D. Pierce

¡Siete días para restaurar el gozo en la guerra!

Un Enfoque de Oración de Daniel y Amber Pierce

Queridos gozosos guerreros:

Cuando las últimas guerras comenzaron a estallar en todo el mundo, recordamos nuestras experiencias en Israel. Escribimos un libro llamado Gozo en la Guerra (Joy in the War). La guerra es una forma de vida y hemos aprendido que si perdemos nuestro gozo en medio de ella, perdemos nuestra fuerza para seguir adelante en nuestro llamado y misión. Por lo tanto, con todos los conflictos que suceden en el mundo y en nuestras vidas personalmente, es una verdadera bendición que podamos animarte a dejar que el gozo surja desde lo más profundo de tu ser interior. Si alabamos al Señor, entonces veremos emerger la justicia en la guerra que nos rodea. El gozo es un don: deja que surja dentro de ti, y que tengas nuevas fuerzas para superar cada batalla que se presente en tu vida.

Amber compartió este siguiente testimonio:

Cuando vivíamos en Berseba, tuvimos ocho días de cohetes constantes que nos habían agotado. David Herzog llamó y nos pidió que fuéramos a hablar con su grupo de turistas en el Mar Muerto. Eso nos pareció bien porque no caían cohetes en el Mar Muerto y pensamos que podríamos descansar un poco. Fuimos al Mar Muerto dos días antes para descansar, pero todavía estábamos tan conmocionados y traumatizados que no pudimos recibir un mensaje y estar preparados cuando al momento de hablar. Cuando nos reunimos con el grupo había unas 100 personas (un grupo grande) y le dijimos a David que no teníamos nada para compartir. Él dijo: “Está bien”. Cuando me subí al escenario, David dijo: “¡Ahora canta!”. Dije: “Yo no canto. ¡Nunca he cantado públicamente en mi vida!”. Pero tuve que obedecer, porque quería hacer lo que el líder me pedía que hiciera. Cuando lo hice, todo el mundo se echó a reír y Dios derramó este gozo increíble y sobrenatural. Estábamos traumatizados y agotados y no tenía ningún sentido, pero Él derramó una alegría sobrenatural en nuestras vidas. Había hombres de negocios, formales con traje, rodando por el suelo, riéndose. Esto continuó durante una buena hora y media. Quiero decirte – ¡¡EL GOZO ES SOBRENATURAL!! Puedes estar exhausto, fuera de ti, haber pasado por un trauma, y ​​Dios puede derramar gozo sobre ti.

Tenemos que ver más allá de la cortina y entrar en la sala del trono. Ora para que Dios exponga los propósitos de la guerra en el reino espiritual y comience a trabajar en cada temporada para exponer la verdad de lo que hay detrás de nuestra guerra. Recuerda que si confiamos en nuestro padre celestial, Él nos anclará cuando todo alrededor parezca inestable.

Día 1

En momentos en que la guerra se aproxima en el horizonte, a menudo empezamos a sentirnos nerviosos y sin anclas. El advenimiento de la guerra puede tener un efecto muy perturbador y hace que nos apoyemos más profundamente en el Señor para encontrar nuestro fundamento en Su Reino. En cada situación, la guerra puede tomar diferentes formas, tanto espirituales como físicas. Una cosa que hemos aprendido es que dondequiera que haya una guerra en el reino espiritual, la guerra física está justo debajo de la superficie.

Tenemos esta esperanza como ancla para el alma, firme y segura. Entra en el santuario interior detrás de la cortina, donde nuestro precursor, Jesús, ha entrado en nuestro nombre. (Hebreos 6:19-20)

Dia 2

Tenemos que fijar nuestra mirada en el Señor y los propósitos que Él tiene para nosotros, y no en ninguna agenda establecida por las estructuras de este mundo. Al establecer nuestra fe, debemos aferrarnos a la palabra que viene del cielo y poner nuestros ojos en lo que es soberano. El Señor es nuestro refugio y Él no permitirá que la muerte tome el lugar de la fe.

Pero mis ojos están fijos en ti, Soberano Señor; en ti me refugio, no me entregues a la muerte. Guárdame de las trampas de los malhechores, de los lazos que me han tendido. Que los impíos caigan en sus propias redes, mientras yo paso seguro. (Salmo 141:8-10)

Día 3

Superar el miedo es el primer paso para la victoria sobre el enemigo de nuestra alma. Recuerda que nuestra alma es humana, pero el espíritu es de Dios y cobra vida a través de nuestra fe. Debemos buscar al Señor y orar sin cesar. Con la guerra viene una prueba de nuestra fe y debemos permitir que la fe venza el miedo. Recuerde que las noticias, otras voces y todas las formas de medios que consumimos a menudo pueden producir miedo y distraernos de lo que Dios está diciendo en la niebla de la guerra. Tenemos que mirar a través de los ojos de la fe para ver más allá.

Busqué al Señor, y él me respondió; me libró de todos mis temores. Los que lo miran están radiantes; sus rostros nunca están cubiertos de vergüenza. (Salmo 34:4-5)

Dios es nuestro amparo y fortaleza, nuestro pronto auxilio en las tribulaciones. Por tanto, no temeremos, aunque la tierra se desmorone, y los montes se hundan en el corazón del mar, aunque bramen y se turben sus aguas, y tiemblen los montes a causa de su bravura. (Salmo 46:1-3)

Día 4

Abrazar la esperanza en el fragor de la batalla puede ser una de las cosas más difíciles que enfrentamos a medida que se asienta la niebla de la guerra. Los diferentes tipos de guerra vienen con diferentes desafíos. Si bien algunos ataques pueden ser largos y prolongados, lo que lleva a la fatiga, otros pueden ser rápidos e inesperados, presentando un peligro más inmediato.

Donde ponemos nuestra esperanza, así cómo dejamos que Dios nos llene, conducirá a la justicia y la victoria en las naciones.

No quebrará la caña cascada, ni apagará la mecha que humea, hasta que haga triunfar la justicia. En Su nombre pondrán las naciones su esperanza. (Mateo 12:20-21)

Que el Dios de la esperanza os llene de todo gozo y paz en vuestra confianza en él, para que reboséis de esperanza por el poder del Espíritu Santo. (Romanos 15:13)

Dia 5

Dios nos ha llamado a ser una Luz en la oscuridad e impactaremos a los que nos rodean a través de nuestra fe. Al entrar en intercesión sobre la guerra, debemos permitir que la esperanza, la fe y el gozo que tenemos en Jesús definan quiénes somos ante los que están en este mundo.

Eres la luz del mundo. Un pueblo construido sobre una colina no se puede ocultar. Tampoco se enciende una lámpara y se pone en un cajón. En cambio, lo ponen en alto, y da luz a todos en la casa. Así mismo, que vuestra luz brille ante los demás, para que vean vuestras buenas obras y glorifiquen a vuestro padre que está en los cielos. (Mateo 5:14-16)

Día 6

El dolor puede durar toda la noche, pero el gozo llega por la mañana. Dios ha escogido vestir a Su pueblo con una vestidura de gozo y nos ha llamado a llevar la presencia de Su Reino. Incluso cuando experimentamos un caos total en la tierra, no estamos atados por el dolor y el luto que acompañan a la guerra. ¡Dios puede renovar continuamente nuestro gozo incluso en medio de la batalla!

Has cambiado mi lamento en baile de alegría. Has quitado mis ropas de luto y me has vestido de gozo, para que te cante alabanzas y no me quede callado. ¡Oh Señor mi Dios, te daré gracias por siempre! (Salmo 30:11-12)

Día 7

Caminar plenamente en gozo, sin importar las circunstancias, significa permitir que el Señor nos muestre cómo está obrando en medio de nuestra guerra. Tenemos que ser capaces de ver el gozo que Él puso delante de nosotros al saber que todo lo que Él se ha propuesto se cumplirá. La Biblia habla de guerras y rumores de guerras, y dice: “es necesario que sucedan estas cosas”. Debemos entrar en un lugar de adoración y comunión tan profunda con el Espíritu de Dios que todo lo que vemos ante nosotros es a Él.

He puesto al Señor siempre delante de mí. Porque él está a mi diestra, no seré conmovido…. Porque no me abandonarás en la tumba, ni dejarás que tu Santo vea corrupción. Me has dado a conocer el camino de la vida; me llenarás de alegría en tu presencia, de placeres eternos a tu diestra. (Salmo 16:8, 10-11)

Fijemos nuestros ojos en Jesús, el autor y consumador de nuestra fe, quien por el gozo puesto delante de Él soportó la cruz, menospreciando la vergüenza, y se sentó a la diestra del trono de Dios. (Hebreos 12:2)


Daniel y Amber Pierce

Seven Days to Restore Joy in the War!

A Prayer Focus from Daniel and Amber Pierce

Dear Joy-Filled Warriors:

When the latest wars began to erupt worldwide, we looked back on our experiences in Israel. We wrote a book called Joy in the War. Warfare is a way of life and we have learned that if we lose our joy in the midst of it, we lose our strength to press forward in our call and mission. Therefore, with all the conflicts going on in the world and in our lives personally, it is a real blessing that we can encourage you to let joy rise up from the depths of your inner being. If we praise the Lord, then we will see righteousness emerge in the warfare around us. Joy is a gift – let joy arise within you, and may you have new strength to turn every battle that is in your life.

Amber shared this following testimony:

When we were living in Be’er Sheva, we had eight days of constant rockets that had worn us out. David Herzog called and asked us to come speak to his tour group at the Dead Sea. That sounded really good to us because there were no rockets falling at the Dead Sea and we thought we could get some rest. We went to the Dead Sea two days early to get rested but we were still so shaken and traumatized that we couldn’t gather a message and be prepared when it was time for us to speak. When we got together with the group there were about 100 people (a big tour), and we told David we didn’t have anything to share. He said, “That’s OK.” When I got up on the stage David said, “Now sing!” I said, “I don’t sing. I’ve never sang publicly in my life!” But I had to obey, because I wanted to do what the leader asked me to do. When I did, everyone started laughing so hard and God poured out this incredible, supernatural joy. We were traumatized and exhausted and it didn’t make any sense, but He poured out a supernatural joy on our lives. There were serious businesspeople in suits rolling on the floor laughing. This went on for a good hour and a half. I want to tell you – JOY IS SUPERNATURAL!! You can be exhausted, out of your mind, have gone through a trauma, and God can pour out joy on you.

We have to see past the curtain and into the throne room. Pray that God will expose the purposes of warfare in the spirit realm and begin to work in each season to expose the truth of what’s behind our warfare.   Remember that if we trust our heavenly father, He will anchor you when everything around looks unstable.

Day 1

At times when war is looming on the horizon, we often begin to feel wound up and unanchored. The advent of warfare can have a very unsettling effect and causes us to lean into the Lord more deeply in order to find our foundation in His Kingdom. In each situation, warfare can take different forms — both spiritual and physical. One thing we have learned is that wherever there is a war in the spirit realm, physical warfare is just beneath the surface.

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. (Hebrews 6:19-20)

Day 2

We have to fix our eyes on the Lord and the purposes He has for us, and not on any agenda set forth by structures of this world. In establishing our faith, we must hold fast to the word coming from heaven and set our eyes on that which is sovereign. The Lord is our refuge and He will not let death take hold in place of faith.      

But my eyes are fixed on you, Sovereign Lord; in you I take refuge – do not give me over to death. Keep me safe from the traps set by evildoers, from the snares they have laid for me. Let the wicked fall into their own nets, while I pass by in safety. (Psalm 141:8-10)

Day 3

Overcoming fear is the first step to victory over the enemy of our soul. Remember our soul is human, but the spirit is from God and comes alive through our faith. We must seek the Lord and pray without ceasing. With warfare comes a test of our faith and we must allow faith to overcome fear. Remember that the news, other voices, and all forms of media that we consume can often produce fear and distract us from what God is saying in the fog of warfare. We have to look through the eyes of faith to see beyond.  

I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame. (Psalm 34:4-5)

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging. (Psalm 46:1-3)

Day 4 

Embracing hope in the heat of battle can be one of the hardest things we face as the fog of war sets in. Different types of warfare come with different challenges. While some attacks may be long and drawn out, leading to fatigue, others may be fast and unexpected — presenting a more immediate danger. Where we put our hope, as well as how we let God fill us up, will lead to justice and victory in the nations.

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory. In his name the nations will put their hope. (Matthew 12:20-21)

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Day 5 

God has called on us to be a Light in the darkness and we will impact those around us through our faith. As we enter into intercession over warfare, we must allow the hope, faith, and joy we have in Jesus to define who we are before those who are in this world.

You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your father in heaven.   (Matthew 5:14-16)

Day 6 

Sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. God has chosen to clothe His people with a garment of joy and called on us to carry the presence of His Kingdom. Even when we experience complete chaos in the earth, we are not bound by the sorrow and mourning that accompany warfare. God can continually renew our joy even in the midst of battle!

You have turned my mourning into joyful dancing. You have taken away my cloths of mourning and clothed me with joy, that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O Lord my God, I will give you thanks forever!   (Psalm 30:11-12)

Day 7 

Fully walking in joy, no matter the circumstances, means allowing the Lord to show us how He is working in the midst of our warfare. We have to be able to see the joy He set before us in knowing that all He has purposed will come to pass. The Bible speaks of wars and rumors of wars, and says, “these things must happen.” We must enter into a place of such deep worship and communion with the Spirit of God that all we see before us is Him.

I have set the Lord always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken…. Because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay. You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. (Psalm 16:8, 10-11)

Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:2)


Daniel and Amber Pierce

The New Is Now! 21 Days to Step Forward into the New!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The new is now! Because we are living in a new era, we must step daily into that new era. I am hoping the videos below help you cross His line of grace and advance into your future. I am also including a 21-day prayer focus. Keep stepping forward into the new! The NEW has to begin with you. The NEW can be something that has never been before or a better quality of what you have been developing, accomplishing and embracing. You must ask yourself:

  1. What is the greatest desire stirring in me?
  2. What do I want to take with me into the next season?
  3. What am I willing to let go of?
  4. Where is the cluster my script fits into? (New wine is found in the cluster.)
  5. What will I be watching after?
  6. What will I be occupying my time with?
  7. How will provision be coming so I secure my future?

A 21-Day Prayer Focus for the New

The following 21-day prayer focus can be used to break old cycles in your life that resist change and help you develop a new way of thinking.

Day 1. Read Isaiah 28:23-29 and 41. There is a bruising and a breaking that you must go through. Don’t resist the stomping. Unless the skin is broken, you will end up as a raisin. So many in the old wineskin have resisted being broken. Declare that all the seeds within you will awaken and come forth. Enter into your personal harvest. Ask the Lord to make you into a new, sharp threshing instrument.

Day 2. Read James 4. Submit your gifts and stand under the authority God is giving you. Bloom where God has planted you. Draw near to God and be faithful!

Day 3. Read Hebrews 4 and 12. Don’t live in the past. That leads only to regret and bitterness. If you have repented, God’s grace will cover past sins and failings. Allow your past to be pruned away. Instead of being a bitter drink offering, you will become a sweet drink offering to the Lord.

Day 4. Read Jeremiah 29. Don’t live in the future, but know that you have a good future. God has a future for you, but joy and fulfillment are found in Him now!

Day 5. Read John 14, 15 and 16. Allow the pruning process to bring forth the New in you. Seek your joy in Him now. There is a place of overwhelming life and joy in Him. Press in to Him! Draw closer to Him! As you do, the New Wine will begin to flow!

Day 6. Read Matthew 6. Be anxious for nothing. List the top five priorities in your life. Seek Him first and His Kingdom and His righteousness and everything else will fall in place.

Day 7. Read Psalm 4. Allow the Lord to set you apart for the future. Let new joy and gladness arise. Declare that you will sleep in peace and feel safe in the presence of God.

Day 8. Read Deuteronomy 33:26-29. New wine brings the fullness of God’s security and provision. Pray that you will be open to receive these good gifts.

Day 9. Read Joel 2 and 3. New wine is a sign of God’s presence dwelling with His people and the land being restored and rejoicing. Declare the restoration of all God has for you, and rejoice.

Day 10. Read Jeremiah 31. The new is for you. New wine is part of the bounty of the Lord. Make your praises heard and shout for joy!

Day 11. Read Song of Solomon 2, 3 and 4. Ask the Lord to reveal to you the little foxes that try to crush the vine that will bring forth the new wine. Get a vision of your future identity. Ask the Lord to send a new wind to blow on your garden.

Day 12. Read Proverbs 3:1-10. Ask the Lord how to give the first fruits of your increase so that your vats will run over with new wine. Understand and experience God’s blessing.

Day 13. Read Song of Solomon 8 and Psalm 16. Ask the Lord to come into your vineyard. Let Him prophetically reveal to you the fruit you will bring forth in the future. Enter into your promised inheritance.

Day 14. Read Matthew 16. Ask the Lord for revelation, for the building plan for your future, and for keys. Just as Peter connected with the Father in heaven, connect with the Father in a way that unlocks the kingdom of God within you.

Day 15. Read Hosea 2:14-23. Unlock your door of hope. Know that there is hope in your valley of Achor. Ask God for mercy and for that new door of hope to open up. Renew your covenant with God. New wine occurs when heaven and earth agree.

Day 16. Read Revelation 14:14-20. Declare that the harvest in the nations will come into the winepress.

Day 17. Read Psalm 119:81-88. Declare that any premature aging or stiffness will begin to break from you and that you will become a new wineskin.

Day 18. Read Ezekiel 37. Declare that all that has been scattered will come back together in a new structure.

Day 19. Read Ephesians 4. Pray for the government of God in your region. For new wine to come forth, the government of God must be established in its fullness.

Day 20. Read John 2, John 8. Let the Lord change your water into new wine. He will replace the pots of religious ritualism with new wine. Ask the Lord to remove the spirit of religion from you. Let His Glory begin to shine. Go beyond the way of the Law and into a superabundant grace.

Day 21. Read Matthew 9 and 14. Be willing to let go of any old method that is operating in your life, business or church. In this passage, the lady who had an issue of blood for 12 years pressed through and touched Jesus, who was on His way to awaken the 12-year-old daughter of Jairus. Declare that now is the time to press into the New, even in your weakness. Declare that what needs to wake up will wake up now. There is a time when the old season must end. Allow the old to end and the new to begin.

It’s time for New Wine. It’s time for the new wineskin. Both are coming forth. The new is now … enter in!


Chuck D. Pierce


¡Lo nuevo es ahora!  Debido a que estamos viviendo en una nueva era, debemos entrar diariamente en esa nueva era. Espero que los videos a continuación te ayuden a cruzar Su línea de gracia y avanzar hacia tu futuro. También incluyo un enfoque de oración de 21 días. ¡Sigue avanzando hacia lo nuevo! Lo NUEVO tiene que empezar contigo. Lo NUEVO puede ser algo que nunca ha existido antes o una mejor calidad de lo que ha estado desarrollando, logrando y abrazando. Debes preguntarte:

¿Cuál es el deseo más grande que se agita dentro de mí?

¿Qué me quiero llevar a la próxima temporada?

¿Qué estoy dispuesto a dejar ir?

¿Dónde está el racimo en el que encaja mi historia? (Se encuentra vino nuevo en el racimo.)

¿Sobre qué estaré vigilando?

¿En qué estaré ocupando mi tiempo?

¿Cómo vendrá la provisión para asegurar mi futuro?

Enfoque de 21 días para lo Nuevo

El siguiente enfoque de oración de 21 días puede usarse para romper viejos ciclos en tu vida que se resisten al cambio y para ayudarte a desarrollar una nueva forma de pensar.

Día 1: Lee Isaías 28:23-29 e Isaías 41. Hay una magulladura y una ruptura por la que debes pasar. No te resistas a ser pisado: A menos que se rompa la piel, acabarás como una pasa. Tantos en el odre viejo se han resistido a ser rotos. Declara que todas las semillas dentro de ti despertarán y saldrán. Entra en tu cosecha personal. Pídele al Señor que te convierta en un instrumento de trillar nuevo y afilado.

Día 2: Lee Santiago 4. Presenta tus dones y manténte bajo la autoridad que Dios te está dando. Florece donde Dios le ha plantado. ¡Acércate a Dios y sé fiel!

Día 3: Lee Hebreos 4 y 12. No vivas en el pasado. Eso sólo conduce al arrepentimiento y la amargura. Si te has arrepentido. La gracia de Dios cubrirá los pecados y fallas del pasado. Permite que tu pasado sea podado. En lugar de ser una libación amarga, serás una ofrenda dulce para el Señor.

Día 4: Lee Jeremías 29. No vivas en el futuro, más bien conoce que tienes un buen futuro. Dios tiene un futuro para ti, pero el gozo y la plenitud se encuentran en Él ¡ahora!

Día 5: Lee Juan 14, 15 y 16. Permite que el proceso de poda produzca lo Nuevo en ti. Busca tu gozo en Él ahora. Hay un lugar de abrumadora vida y gozo en Él. ¡Presiona en Él! ¡Acércate a Él! Al hacerlo, ¡el vino nuevo comenzará a fluir!

Día 6: Lee Mateo 6. Por nada estés afanoso. Haz una lista de las cinco principales prioridades en su vida. Búscalo a Él primero y Su Reino y Su Justicia y todo lo demás estará en su lugar.

Día 7: Lee Salmos 4. Permite que el Señor te separe para el futuro. Que surja un nuevo gozo y alegría. Declara que dormirás en paz y te sentirás seguro en la presencia de Dios.

Día 8: Lee Deuteronomio 33:26-29, El vino nuevo trae la plenitud de la seguridad y provisión de Dios. Ore para que estés abierto a recibir estos buenos regalos.

Día 9: Lee Joel 2 y 3. El vino nuevo es una señal de la presencia de Dios morando con Su pueblo y la tierra siendo restaurada. Declara la restauración de todo lo que Dios tiene para ti y regocíjate.

Día 10: Lee Jeremías 31. Lo nuevo es para ti. El vino nuevo es parte de la generosidad del Señor. ¡Haz oír tus alabanzas y grita de gozo!

Día 11: Lee Cantares 2, 3 y 4. Pídele al Señor que te revele las zorras pequeñas que tratan de aplastar la vid que dará el vino nuevo. Obtén la visión de tu futura identidad. Pídele al Señor que envíe un viento nuevo que sople en tu jardín.

Día 12: Lee Proverbios 3:1-10. Pregunta al Señor cómo dar los primeros frutos de tu cosecha para que tus tinajas rebosen de vino nuevo. Comprende y experimenta la bendición de Dios.

Día 13: Lee Cantares 8 y Salmo 16. Pídele al Señor que entre en tu viña. Deja que Él te revele proféticamente el fruto que darás en el futuro. Entra en tu herencia prometida.

Día 14: Lea Mateo 16. Pídele revelación al Señor, el plan de construcción para tu futuro y llaves. Así como Pedro se conectó con el Padre en el cielo, conéctate con el Padre de una manera que abra el reino de Dios dentro de usted.

Día 15: Lea Oseas 2:14-23. Abre tu puerta de esperanza. Tienes que saber que hay esperanza en tu valle de Acor. Pídele a Dios misericordia y que se abra esa nueva puerta de esperanza. Renueva tu pacto con Dios. El vino nuevo ocurre cuando el cielo y la Tierra están de acuerdo.

Día 16: Lee Apocalipsis 14:14-20. Declare que la mies de las naciones vendrá al lagar.

Día 17: Lee el Salmo 119:81-88. Declara que todo envejecimiento prematuro o rigidez empezará a desprenderse de ti y que te convertirás en odre nuevo.

Día 18: Lee Ezequiel 37. Declare que todo lo que ha sido esparcido volverá a juntarse en una nueva estructura.

Día 19: Lee Efesios 4. Ora por el gobierno de Dios en tu región. Para que salga vino nuevo, el gobierno de Dios debe estar establecido en su plenitud.

Día 20: Lee Juan 2 y 8,  Que el Señor cambie tu agua en vino nuevo. Reemplazará las ollas del ritualismo religioso con vino nuevo. Pídele al Señor que quite de ti el espíritu de religión. Que su gloria comience a brillar. Ve más allá del camino de la ley hacia una gracia superabundante.

Día 21: Lee Mateo 9 y 14. Disponte a dejar ir cualquier método antiguo que esté operando en su vida, negocio o iglesia. En este pasaje, la señora que había tenido un flujo de sangre durante 12 años se abrió paso y tocó a Jesús, que se dirigía a despertar a la hija de Jairo, de 12 años. Declara que ahora es el momento de presionar hacia lo Nuevo, incluso en tu debilidad. Declara que lo que necesita despertar, se despertará ahora. Hay un momento en que la vieja temporada debe terminar. Deja que lo viejo termine y lo nuevo comience.

Es hora del vino nuevo. Es hora del nuevo odre. Ambos están surgiendo. ¡Entra!


Chuck D. Pierce

A Time to Feast: Seven Days of JOY Worship to Produce New Strength for the Year Ahead!

A Time to Feast: Seven Days of JOY Worship to Produce New Strength for the Year Ahead!

Dear Joyous Ones:

The Feast of Tabernacles begins tonight at sundown.  Tabernacles is a time to enjoy the Lord and celebrate His goodness.  Leviticus 23:40 says, “Rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days.”  Deuteronomy 16:14-15 says, “Be joyful at your feast for the Lord your God will bless you and your joy will be complete.”  When this Feast was outlined in Leviticus 23:39-43, it not only remembered the Exodus from Egypt when the Israelites wandered in the wilderness, living in tents, enroute to the Promised Land, but also celebrated the abundance of God’s blessings in connection with the ingathering of the fall harvest.  This is a wonderful time to gather with friends and family and rejoice over the Lord’s goodness and provision. 

The Feast of Tabernacles is a celebration of God’s glory.  This is a time to remember past experiences of His glory, to seek His face and experience His glory now, and a time to call out to God for a fresh outpouring of His glory in the new year.  One week a year, God asks His people to tabernacle with Him.  God promised a special blessing for those who would do this.   Part of celebrating Tabernacles is to bring an offering as an expression of thanks to God.  Deut. 16:16-17 says, “No man should appear before the LORD empty-handed:  Each of you must bring a gift in proportion to the way the LORD your God has blessed you.”  When we express our thankfulness in giving, it opens our heart to receive even more.

Tabernacles is a time to celebrate the fact that God tabernacles with His people.  He wants His glory to be a normal part of our experience.  He tabernacled with Israel in the wilderness.  He tabernacled on earth in Jesus and He continues to tabernacle with us today through His Spirit!  As you celebrate Tabernacles, call out to God for His glory to come and dwell with you.  Beginning tonight at 6 PM CDT and continuing each night throughout this week of feasting, we will post a video to help you enter into joy worship and receive new strength for the year ahead!

Contending for Joy!

The Lord has a purpose to move any desolation into a new level of abundance.  From the beginning, when God saw the Earth in confusion and chaos, He planned for a people who would move from chaos into multiplication. He spoke! Chaos subsided and abundance began. This is the essence of spiritual life. When Yeshua, Jesus of Nazareth, defined why He came or was sent to Earth, He said in John 10:10, “… I came that they might enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, until it overflows).”  Many Christians, even those that are seeking to understand their earthly purpose, never realize that the One who was sent to redeem them purposed them to “enjoy life.”  Prior to this portion of the verse, we find Jesus declaring, I AM the Door! Anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live).  He will come in and he will go out [freely], and will find pasture.  The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy.” (AMP)   This is meant to help you enter the Door (called Christ) into a new dimension of abundance. 

We have approximately 75 people that work for this ministry.  Several years ago I was sitting in my office in a quandary because I knew I needed to give a Christmas bonus for those who had served so faithfully all year long. I know that the holidays can be a tremendous blessing, but very stressful as well.  I heard the Lord remind me of one of the key verses that have directed my life – the one I quoted above from John 10.  However, His voice illuminated deep within my spirit with the portion of that scripture that says I came that you might ENJOY LIFE.

I knew I had to move by faith. Faith comes from hearing … hearing when the Spirit of God speaks to us.  Faith’s counterpart is presumption.  Therefore, one must be sure they have heard the voice of God.  The Spirit of God spoke to me and said, “Enjoy those who have served, and bless them.”  I knew I was to take what we did not have and bless each one who had served.  Joy began to overwhelm me.  By the next morning, all that I had given (which was a substantial amount) was already on the way through the mail.  The real miracle was that something changed in me.  Anxiety from trauma that I had carried for years and years and years had lifted.  That old, bad friend was gone and the joy of the Lord had replaced that portion within my soul and spirit. 

We have been in great warfare.  Warfare is conflict, and in the midst of the conflict we can lose our joy.  Joy produces strength.  When we don’t sense the life of Christ flowing through us, we need to ask the Lord, “What has happened to my passion? In the midst of my circumstance, Lord, did I just get tired and quit withstanding?” In truth, we can pray until we are green. We can do all sorts of religious activities. But if we don’t resist the enemy in the midst of that trial (the temptation toward passivity and all other temptations), and if we don’t allow the trial to bring the working of the Cross into us, then we won’t really enter into the passion and fullness of life that the Lord intends.  Having God’s passion as we walk in wisdom and revelation is the key to protecting ourselves from becoming outwitted by the enemy. 

Yeshua, Himself, prophesied that a triumphant people, filled with Father’s revelation, would arise and prevail against Hell’s gates. This people will do exploits! They will take resources and multiply or change them into a new form to be used today.  These people are an apostolic people. They are a modern people, yet look very much like those who crossed over the Jordan River 476 years after God spoke them into existence when He communicated to their Father, Abraham. The Gates of Hell will not be able to withstand this people.  We are a people that will build a new prototype for today and unlock a Kingdom mentality that hell cannot withstand. We send this from this Apostolic Center.  May you be filled with the fire of His Glory and overwhelming joy.

Sow Into Your Joy!
I keep hearing the Holy Spirit saying, ‘The sound of joy is in you!’   As the people of God, we must release the sound of joy! No matter what our natural circumstances or situations dictate, and no matter what we feel physically, we have a sound of joy to release.  We must employ the law of sowing and reaping, and sow from the joy in us which is a fruit of the Holy Spirit.  As we release the sound of joy from the earth, He releases His joy from Heaven based on Psalm 16:11, In His Presence, there is fullness of joy and at His right hand there are pleasures for evermore’.  That joy becomes our strength to produce supernatural victory!  Find the sound in Heaven that will produce joy in the earth today!


Chuck D. Pierce

A New Wineskin for Harvest is Emerging!

The Kingdom Harvest Alliance is Beginning to Form!

Dear Harvesting Ones:

What a blessing to see so many of you at Head of the Year 5782: Building the House for the Future.I loved presenting Kingdom Harvest alliance.  These are days of alignment.  We need to know who is laboring among us because the harvest is beginning to ripen.  Over the past year and a half, the Lord has determined a Divine Pause to reform vision in each one of us.  When I heard the Spirit of God say, “I am shifting things around you”, I knew the time had come to initiate and make available to each one of us a new alignment organism. (Unless the Lord builds the house, we labor in vain.) 

Below, you click to go to the new Kingdom Harvest Alliance page and watch my introductory message on why we are headed this direction. This message will also be the first of the Head of the Year 5782 Replays that will be available on GZI TV.

Chuck Pierce - KHA

Over the last several seasons, many of us have been aligned and co-labored together.  Many of us have aligned our call and mission with Glory of Zion International, Global Spheres, Inc., and Global Spheres Center.  Those alignments have been invaluable as we have pressed through the last 30 years.  Those alignments are still very valid.  However, we must remember the time we are living in.  This past year was about covenant roots and returning to the blessing of the parent root. Now it’s time to evaluate our fruit.  We are living in a Passover Era so we must keep passing over “from -to” a greater authority to establish God’s mission and promises.  (I want you to understand the history of our alignment of spheres and related ministries.  You can read about this history here. We honor the past and keep moving into the Kingdom plan of the future.)

The Kingdom Harvest Alliance

We have now entered a harvest season. Each Passover in this 10 year era should be a road sign of us maturing in our harvest mentality.  Now is the time to initiate and make available a new organism for alignment: The Kingdom Harvest Alliance. This alliance will function from Global Spheres Center out of Glory of Zion International Ministries.  This will be a new wineskin that includes each one of us developing a harvest mentality for the sphere and calling we have. All wineskins usually have a seven year viability.  This new wineskin will include us each developing a harvest mentality in our call and mission.  You may choose to join us in this new season or you may feel it’s time to align elsewhere.


God’s Remnant Will Arise!

Recently, I shared again that God promised me His remnant would fully arise by 2026. However, we must remember that God has need of US to accomplish His purposes in the earth. Kingdom Harvest Alliance will help develop a structure that will help facilitate the development and deployment of God’s remnant for harvest. Some may ask – “but aren’t there other people and ministries doing similar things?” Of course, the answer to that is “absolutely!”  We are a Body with many parts and functions.  The foundation you align on helps you accomplish God’s assignment in days ahead. 

What is Alignment?

Sometimes we need to reexamine some of the terminology we use. So let us look at “ALIGNMENT”. The dictionary defines alignment as an arrangement in a straight line or in correct/relative positions. Alignment is also defined as a position of agreement or alliance. This includes covenant and relationship.  Alignment can serve as a foundation that helps you properly adjust to grow and move efficiently in the field you are called to accomplish your mission. In battle, alignment is how you are relating to the troop around you – both in position and function.


An Array Effective in Battle!

Kingdom Harvest Alliance will be a foundational organism that performs all of the functions and helps develop goals for sending you into your harvest field.  For example, earlier this year, we commissioned Dan & Janie Horst from Missouri. They have a church camp, but sensed they were to transition to a Kingdom camp. I affirmed their ministry call and sent them out as ministers for Kingdom purposes in taking their camp to the next level. We did the same for others at Passover and Pentecost.

As a remnant that is arising, we want to be an array that is effective in battle. This alliance can be a new foundational network that can help you make adjustments as you venture into your harvest field. The Kingdom Harvest Alliance is not a “covering” – but rather an organism to facilitate God’s remnant coming forth throughout the earth for the purpose of harvest!  As we stand on the right foundation, a covering forms over us for the harvest that is ripening. KHA can help you better relate to others in the army with regards to your giftings, callings, and needs. This will become a new foundation for you to stand on. 


Coming Soon…Aligning Your Spheres of Authority

  • At the beginning of October, 2021 we will begin a process for you to update the information we have on file for you.
  • Alignment to Include Harvest in Your Vision (Kingdom Harvest Alliance) Will Become Available
  • For those who are adding harvest to their vision we will have a NEW COMMISSIONING and RECERTIFICATION for ADVANCEMENT from Kingdom Harvest Alliance !
  • Our Goal is by Starting The Year Off Right (Dec. 31-Jan. 2) to have a major sending initiative.
  • This will advance a remnant troop toward CONQUEST of their spheres!

Giving and Covenant Alignment

My life revolves around the concept of Firstfruits. I love to recognize the Lord as the source of all blessings, and honor Him with the first of my time and finances. I also love to give to those who I recognize as more legitimate in their field than myself (Gen. 14). When we give our best He blesses all the rest.  Our honor is that you have chosen to bless and support this apostolic prophetic structure God has raised up in the earth. I hope you will continue partnering with us as we move forward in this new season of alignment.

We value you, your redemptive purpose, and your anointing which will continue to defeat the darkness which opposes His glorious Kingdom.


Chuck D. Pierce

Experiencing Shalom Through War and Recovery!

Dear Advancing Ones:

The Lord is raising up a company of “WARRIOR HEROES” in the spiritual realm!  We are called to take a stand against the enemy and do exploits in the power of His name; the way to peace is allowing Yahweh Shalom to lead you in victory (warfare) over the enemy.  As Robert Heidler shared yesterday from the life of Gideon, only when God’s heroes defeat the enemy can there be true rest in the land.

Help is on the Way!  His Name is the Key to Unlock Your Way of Escape!

Dreams are an important way that the Lord communicates with us.  He is very creative, and we never want an avenue of revelation blocked.  Yesterday morning, Linda Heidler shared a dream about three gray figures that captured her and contorted her body to fit completely in a 2-foot box.  She was then stacked along with many, many similar boxes, and had to hear her way of escape from what appeared to be a hopeless situation.  (I encourage you to listen to the complete dream on GZITV.)

This scenario represents how the enemy is trying to put us in a very narrow place. However, I heard the Spirit of God say, “Although the enemy is coming to try to form a three-fold cord against you to minimize you, lock you into a place, and make you common with everything around you, I have already put in you the way to get out, the way to call out.  I have put in you the help that is already on the way. You will be delivered and come through this narrow place and be brought out into the place that I have for you. My Name is key to unlock what you need to have unlocked.  So get ready – help is on the way!”  Declare that your help is being unlocked by the power of His Name!

We must remain sensitive to what the Spirit of God is speaking in the night season.


Chuck D. Pierce

Aligning the Armies of Heaven and Earth!

Dear Advancing Ones:

During this 40-day period, we must continue to set our face like a flint to gain the revelation that uncovers the enemy.  Our next watch will be tonight at 7 PM CDT when Linda Heidler teaches on “Aligning the Armies of Heaven and Earth!”  Let’s continue to seek the Lord’s new order and alignment with the Host of Heaven in this online-only gathering that will also be available by replay.

Receive a New Backbone of Authority!

The Lord is developing a new level of authority in His people.  On Sunday morning, there was a “backbone” anointing activated during worship.  LeAnn Squier even shared about the woman bent over and who could not stand up straight (Luke 13: 10-17).  Later that day, we received this incredible update from Linda Clark, who has been struggling with back issues for years.

“I watched the worship gathering after someone told me about the words released on the backbone.  I’ve made it through my third spinal surgery. This time it was in L2 & L3.  I had so much pain prior to surgery that I could not walk well or straight, but this surgery was hellish for a season. I had about 9 bone grafts. My back was broken in order to recreate the spinal curve I had lost in the first surgery. I now walk upright — no pain where it used to be — and I believe the surgeon may have gotten close to my 45 degree angle back. (I was a 65, – 15 degrees off.)  I’m still recovering, but the worst is over. Thanks for the prayers!  Somehow my situation, I believe, has something to do with the Body. He is straightening and strengthening our spines/backbones for sure, but now our muscles have to catch up and our walking be regained so we can be better than ever before.”


Chuck D. Pierce