A Time for America to Pray for Afghanistan!

Dear Contending Ones:

As we watch the heart-wrenching scenes in Afghanistan (and elsewhere around the world), we have a choice on how to respond and how to intercede.  Particularly through the end of the month, I know the Lord has directed me to pray for the “Rahabs” in Afghanistan – men and women who put their lives (and their families’ lives) in danger to help our forces along the way and protect us from the Taliban.  As a nation, we must recognize, honor and work to protect those who served our national interests.

Earlier today, Daniel Pierce recorded how the Lord is showing him to pray for Afghanistan.  This includes the U.S troops and expats, as well as hidden, local believers in that nation.  Having lived in the Middle East, he brings a unique perspective on the issues that surround this ongoing conflict.  The Middle East mindset is different than a Western mindset, and understanding this warfare dynamic is key to helping us intercede effectively.  Stay the course as you continue to declare God’s Kingdom will reign.  Watch this video by Daniel and find your place to stand in the gap for Afghanistan. 

Daniel Pierce Shares Middle East Warfare Perspective


Chuck D. Pierce

Experiencing the Power of God’s Name!

Dear Advancing Ones:

When we study the Bible, it’s important to recognize that God’s names reveal His nature. They tell us what He is like and what we can expect from Him. God has revealed Himself by many names, and He wants you to know Him by each of His names and experience the reality of every part of His nature.  The more you understand His names, the more you can appreciate who He is.  Therefore, we want to understand the name that is above every name!  As Robert Heidler shared yesterday, the Hebrew word for salvation is YESHUA, and YESHUA (salvation) is what restores shalom.  In the Old Testament we see YESHUA is prefigured and promised, and in the New Testament we discover God’s YESHUA is a person, our Savior.  Only through His name can we be saved.  As we hallow His Name and allow His identity to become prominent in our lives, His presence comes and His power is released.  Be sure to watch our Celebration Service replay and enter into “Experiencing the Power of God’s Name!”

Go Through the Door of My Turn-Around Anointing!

As we saw in our “Rooftop Shabbat” Service, this is a time for going higher. As we choose to ascend in worship, we gain a higher perspective.  The Spirit of God is saying, This is a time that the locks you’ve put on your ascension will now break. Go through, go through that door that you’ve kept shut, for on the other side is perspective you’ve never had before! Quit looking at a line that you can see the end of! Go beyond and see beyond — into a place you’ve never seen before!”  Visit the Prophecy Center to see this complete prophetic release and begin to sing your song of advance! 

Go Through the Door of My Turn-Around Anointing!

A Call to be Whole!

Many of us are reaching the close of our 28-Day “Overcoming” Prayer Focus.  Although there are many conflicts ahead for each one of us, the Lord is bringing new strength to His people so we are restored and made whole again.  Many in the West tend to compartmentalize their lives into physical, mental and spiritual (or body, soul and spirit), but the proper Biblical worldview is one of a unified, whole person in whom these parts are not separate entities, but are interconnected.  God’s interest in sanctifying us is not limited to only the spiritual being of an individual, but He desires to see the whole person restored. I begin each day with the Lord so I can better understand His heart and mind.  As you develop your identity as an overcomer, I encourage you to continue your process of becoming whole – spirit, soul and body!


Chuck D. Pierce

Time to Be Whole Again and Overcome! A 28-Day Prayer Focus!

Dear Advancing Ones:

We are all going into a new era and moving toward a new place in the Lord.  Last week, I dealt with so many people who had experienced tremendous trauma and were continuing to experience severe circumstances. My first thought was, “I need to help people make it through trauma.” However, this morning the Lord spoke to me and said, “You need to help people to become whole again. This is a time when My people must create an overcoming spirit!” If you could not join us on Sunday, be sure to watch the time-limited replay as Robert Heidler and I ministered on “Developing an Overcoming Spirit!”

To overcome means to conquer; to vanquish; to subdue (overcoming enemies in battle); to surmount; to get the better of (overcome difficulties or obstacles); to overpower; to be victorious.  There are many conflicts ahead for each one of us.  Conflict is linked with the resulting “change warfare” that we encounter while advancing toward God’s Kingdom plan.  Therefore, the Lord is bringing new strength into our spirit man.  Remember, we do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit (Rom 8:4). 

A Call to Be Whole
When we surrender our life to the Lord, we are usually fragmented in our soul with pieces of our life scattered here and there. The power of scattering is linked with a curse that has a right to operate because of sin and iniquity in our life. When we sin, pieces of the person God intends for us to be are left behind, connected to the times we missed the mark and acted in our own strength. We trade purity, blessing, health, and/or a part of God’s perfect plan for our lives for a moment when something of lesser significance temporarily satisfies our desire. Therefore, parts of the whole person that we should be lie scattered along the paths of our lives at each place where temptation led us to sin.

Although we in the Western world tend to compartmentalize our lives into physical, mental and spiritual (or body, soul and spirit), the fact is that a proper Biblical worldview is one of a unified, whole person in whom these parts are not separate entities, but are interconnected. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 says, “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus.” Here we see that God’s interest in sanctifying us is not limited to only the spiritual being of an individual, but He desires to see the whole person restored. The concept of dealing with a person holistically did not originate in the Far East or in New Age thinking; it originated with God.

E. Anthony Allen, in the book Transforming Health edited by Eric Ram, states: “The ways people think, feel, relate and manage their lifestyles can maim and even kill. But divine healing and renewed hope can transcend normal healing processes. Divine forgiveness, reconciliation, deliverance, restoration and renewal bring healing. Where God reigns there is healing. Wholeness comes not by ‘treating’ but by healing.”

Key Questions to Becoming Whole
These 28 days are a time to become whole again and overcome.  Here are several questions to ponder as you begin and continue this journey through this prayer focus:

  1. What needs to be changed and transformed in your life?
  2. What are you trying to change and transform in your life?
  3. Are you attempting to transform “one thing” so that the whole of your life will reflect His glory in a greater measure?
  4. Prioritize and list the top 10 changes in your life that need to occur.
  5. Are you warring with the enemy of your soul to bring about these changes?  (You have an enemy that opposes you.)
  6. We are called to cultivate, increase and multiply our sphere.  What is your plan for multiplication? 
  7. Do you want to be made whole?

Often, Jesus would ask the question, “Do you want to be made whole?”  That is why after their faith response, He would say, “Your faith has made you whole.” When He heals, He also restores. Restoration is a holistic process. Only God has the power to gather the scattered pieces of our lives and bring them back into wholeness.  That is part of what happened to my life. When the Lord said, “I will restore to you all that you have lost,” I entered into a process of exchanging my fragmented life for a wholeness that gave me the power to obtain all the spiritual blessings that God had stored up for me in the heavenly places. My body, soul and spirit all entered into that process.  Recovery produces restoration, which produces multiplication.  The following 28-day prayer focus will help you advance on this journey.

Be Whole Again and Overcome!

Day 1: Memorize and meditate on 1 Thes. 5:23. “Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely; and may your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Declare that your body, soul, and spirit will enter into the process of becoming whole.  

Day 2:  Read Luke 18:35-43.  Do not miss your moment to cry out for mercy!  When the Lord asks what He can do for you, present your petition without apology. 

Day 3:  Read John 5:1-17, and memorize verse 17.  The Lord knew the man’s condition. He knows your condition.  The question He asked was, “Do you want to get well (be made whole)?”  However, the man began to explain his condition rather than answer his question. Quit explaining and just receive. 

Day 4:  Read Psalm 16 and Acts 17:24-28.  Many of us have gone through trauma.  The key to overcoming trauma is resetting your boundaries.  First of all, the Lord knows where you are.  He predestined your time and place.  In your reset boundaries, you must start managing all the stimuli new and fresh.  When He planted the Garden, He meant for the Garden to go out and overtake the earth.  Don’t make your boundaries too big until you process every area of grief and trauma.  Carefully watch anything that comes into your boundaries.  He is very near to you – you can grab for Him and find Him.

Day 5: God has a plan for you!  Meditate on Is. 55:8-11. His ways are not your ways. Memorize Jer 29:11.  Ask for hope to arise in your heart. 

Day 6:  Read Romans 8. Meditate on Phil. 4:7.  Let the Spirit of the Lord renew and transform your mind.  Speak Rom. 12:1-2 out loud into your atmosphere.

Day 7: Embrace the power of restoration.  Read Joel 2.  He can remove all the ways the locust have decreased you.  He can fully restore all your loss.  Allow Him to bring back what you need for your future. 

Day 8:  You have a future!  Let the Lord recreate your expectations.  Memorize Prov. 13:12 and Prov. 10:28-30.  Ask the Spirit of God to cause hope to spring up within you.

Day 9:  Read Phil. 3:10, Rom. 5:18, and memorize Rom. 8:1.  Break the power of condemnation and self-pity.  The enemy condemns.  The Holy Spirit convicts.  During your trial the enemy will remind you of everything you have ever done wrong.  He will also make you feel sorry that you are having to endure this.  The Holy Spirit came to comfort and convict us.  Bless Holy Spirit. Ask for a new infilling of His grace.  Ask for an activation of the gifts within you that are more powerful than any word the enemy can say.  In the midst of your bruising and emptiness, Holy Spirit is ready to fill you new and fresh. 

Day 10:  Memorize and mediate on Proverbs 18:14. “The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?”  A broken spirit occurs when life’s difficulties crush our ability to resist.  However, Jesus came to heal our bodies as well as soul and spirit.  Choose to embrace His desire for you to become whole again.

Day 11: Memorize and mediate on 1 John 3:8. “He who sins is of the devil, for the devil has sinned from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil.”  Yeshua did not deviate from His call.  Ask for His Wisdom and Revelation to vanquish the plans of the enemy. 

Day 12: Read Mark 5:25-34.  There will always be a crowd that one must press through. This woman was desperate, and the Lord acknowledged her and delivered her from her past season.  Press through and touch Him to begin your next season of wholeness.  Read Luke 17:11-19.  Do not stop by asking for mercy alone.  Be like the one leper who returned to the Lord with gratitude for his healing and was made whole.  Read Luke 7:36-50.  When you are forgiven much, you love much.  Take time to express your love to the Lord for all He has done for you. 

Day 13: Read Matthew 8:5-13.  Faith is linked with authority.  To the extent that we submit to the authority God has placed in our lives, our faith has opportunity to stretch and strengthen.  Faith is the overcoming agent that God’s people have in this earth.  Review your authority structures, and the answers to your questions above. 

Day 14: Read and meditate on 1 Corinthians 13:12-13. I encourage you to read this in several translations.  Yeshua came because of love, and the Kingdom was then established upon that love. Everything the Lord does is based on His love. Without our love for Him and others, our vision suffers. Ask the Spirit of God to fill you afresh so you choose to pursue love in all your overcoming. 

Day 15:  Read Jeremiah 1.  Do not be afraid of the voices that would claim to prevail against you.  The Lord is giving you divine strength that no hostile power can overcome!

Day 16: Read John 12:35-36.  Memorize and meditate on Romans 12:21. Do not allow darkness to overtake you. Walk in the light and overcome evil with good.  Declare your latter end will be greater than your former.

Day 17: I would love to encourage you to read the book of James.  Be sure to meditate on James 4:6 and memorize James 4:7.  Never forget that you have an enemy, an adversary, the devil, that does not play fair.  Submit yourself to God, resist him, and he must flee. 

Day 18: Read 1 John 4, and memorize verse 4.  Declare that you are of God, and He who lives in you is mightier than he who is in the world.   

Day 19:  Read Revelation 2 and 3.  Read out loud the promises for those who overcome.  Now read Rev. 12 and memorize verse 11.  A testimony overcomes the devil, and comes out of your mouth by the Spirit of God with the power to dismantle demons. The enemy surely doesn’t want the circumstance we’re in to become a testimony; if a testimony occurs, then the overcoming power of God’s nature within us will displace him and overthrow the devil’s strategy within us from that day forward.  Confirm your choice to endure conflict so your overcoming testimony is secured. 

Day 20: Read Hebrews 4. Today is a day for you to war to enter His rest.  Do not stop until you come to the throne of grace and obtain mercy for your time of need. 

Day 21: Read James 4 and memorize verse 7.  After the second of our twins died, I heard Pam share one of the most impacting things I have ever heard. She had been questioned on how she could be doing so well after the loss, and said: “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my life, it’s that the quicker I submit to the hand of God, the quicker I can resist the devil. I have chosen to submit to God’s hand in this circumstance. And in submitting to the hand of God, He will give me the ability to overcome the enemy so that the double portion that has been robbed will be returned.”  Choose to submit and receive an overcomer’s anointing!

Day 22:  Read Numbers 13 – 14:38.  Joshua and Caleb were among those who spied out the land and chose to believe the promise of the Lord.  Do not fear the giants that oppose you.  Declare that your giants will become your bread!

Day 23: Read Joshua 1.  Be strong and of good courage like Joshua.  Do not fear to tread on new ground and declare that you will prosper in every area of your being.  Read Joshua 14:6-15.  Contend for your promises like Caleb.  He was as strong for war at 85 as he was at 40.  Declare you will drive out your enemies as the Lord has said!

Day 24: Read Proverbs 31.  This woman not only exemplifies the virtuous wife, but also the Bride of Christ.  We are called to exemplify excellence, moral worth, ability, nobility and wisdom in action.  Decree you are developing your supernatural, overcoming identity!

Day 25: Read Daniel 6Daniel is one of my favorite leaders in the Bible.  We need to be like him if we are going to make it in days ahead. Daniel had an excellent spirit, and allowed his character to be tested.  Like Daniel, we can develop excellent spirits by allowing our minds to be transformed to reflect the Kingdom culture that we are a part of.  Choose to be set apart and represent the Lord’s desire in this earthly battle.

Day 26: Read 2 Cor. 10 and 11, 2 Timothy 4:1-8.  Paul counted the cost and still chose to follow the Lord to the end.  The same Holy Spirit who empowered him to fight the good fight will also enable you to finish your race.  Ask the Lord to fill you with His overcoming power to press into your new place in Him.    

Day 27: Read Isaiah 40:25-31 aloud.  The God of Israel empowers the weak and gives strength to those with no might.  Wait on the Lord and watch how He raises you up.  Declare that you will run and not be weary, and walk and not faint! Memorize and meditate on Hebrews 12:12-13.  Speak to your hands and knees that they are being strengthened for you to advance on your path of overcoming!

Day 28: Read 2 Chron. 20.  Through the word of the Lord, we gain strategy to overcome the enemy’s plan.  Do not be dismayed at what opposes you, for the battle is not yours but the Lord’s.  Arise with a song of praise and declare His mercy endures forever! He will send you forth to overcome every blockade. 

No matter when you receive this 28-day prayer focus, begin on Day One, and enter into this time to be whole again and overcome!


Chuck D. Pierce

¡Es hora de ser plenos nuevamente y vencer! ¡Enfoque de oración de 28 días!

Estimados que van avanzando:

Todos vamos hacia una nueva era y nos movemos hacia un nuevo lugar en el Señor.  La semana pasada, traté con muchas personas que habían experimentado un tremendo trauma y continuaban experimentando circunstancias difíciles. Mi primer pensamiento fue: “Necesito ayudar a las personas a superar el trauma”.  Sin embargo, esta mañana el Señor me habló y me dijo:  “Necesitas ayudar a las personas a ser plenas nuevamente. ¡Este es un tiempo en el que Mi pueblo debe crear un espíritu de superación!” Si no pudo unirse a nosotros el domingo, asegúrese de ver la repetición por tiempo limitado donde Robert Heidler y yo ministramos en  “¡Desarrollando un Espíritu Vencedor!”

Vencer significa conquistar; lograr; someter (vencer a los enemigos en la batalla); superar; superar; volverse mejor que (superar dificultades u obstáculos); dominar; ser victorioso.   Hay muchos conflictos por delante para cada uno de nosotros.  El conflicto está relacionado con la resultante “guerra del cambio” que encontramos mientras avanzamos hacia el plan del Reino de Dios.  Por lo tanto, el Señor está trayendo nueva fuerza a nuestro hombre espiritual.  Recuerde, no caminamos de acuerdo con la carne, sino según el Espíritu (Rom 8:4).

Un llamado a ser plenos
Cuando entregamos nuestra vida al Señor, por lo general estamos fragmentados en nuestra alma con pedazos de nuestra vida esparcidos aquí y allá. El poder de la dispersión está vinculado con una maldición que tiene derecho a operar debido al pecado y la iniquidad en nuestra vida. Cuando pecamos, los pedazos de la persona que Dios quiere que seamos se quedan atrás, conectados con el tiempo en que erramos al blanco y actuamos en nuestra propia fuerza. Intercambiamos pureza, bendición, salud, todo o una parte del plan perfecto de Dios para nuestras vidas por un momento cuando algo de menor importancia satisface temporalmente nuestro deseo. Por lo tanto, partes de la persona completa e íntegra que debemos ser, estar están esparcidas a lo largo de los caminos de nuestras vidas en cada lugar donde la tentación nos llevó al pecado.

Aunque en el mundo occidental tendemos a segmentar nuestras vidas en físico, mental y espiritual (o cuerpo, alma y espíritu), el hecho es que una cosmovisión bíblica adecuada es la de una persona unificada y completa en la que estas partes no son entidades separadas, sino que están interconectadas. 1 Tesalonicenses 5:23 dice, “Ahora, que el mismo Dios de paz os santifique completamente; y que todo tu espíritu, alma y cuerpo sean preservados sin culpa hasta la venida de nuestro Señor Jesús.” Aquí vemos que el interés de Dios en santificarnos no se limita sólo al ser espiritual de un individuo, sino que Él desea ver a toda la persona en plenitud. El concepto de tratar con una persona de manera holística no se originó en el Lejano Oriente o en el pensamiento de la Nueva Era; se originó en Dios.

E. Anthony Allen, en el libro Transforming Health editado por Eric Ram, afirma: “Las formas en que las personas piensan, sienten, se relacionan y manejan sus estilos de vida pueden mutilar e incluso matar. Pero la sanidad divina y la esperanza renovada pueden trascender los procesos normales de sanidad. El perdón divino, la reconciliación, la liberación, la restauración y la renovación traen sanidad. Donde Dios reina hay sanidad. Volver a estar plenos no viene por ‘ser tratado’ sino por “ser sanado”.

Preguntas clave para estar plenos

Estos 28 días son un tiempo para volver a estar en plenitud y superarse.  Aquí hay varias preguntas para meditar al comenzar y continuar este viaje a través de este enfoque de oración:

  1. ¿Qué necesita ser cambiado y transformado en tu vida?
  2. ¿Qué estás tratando de cambiar y transformar en tu vida?
  3. ¿Estás tratando de transformar esa “única cosa” para que toda tu vida refleje Su gloria en una medida mayor?
  4. Prioriza y enumera los 10 cambios principales que deben ocurrir en tu vida.
  5. ¿Estás guerreando contra el enemigo de tu alma para lograr estos cambios?  (Tienes un enemigo que se te opone).
  6. Estamos llamados a cultivar, aumentar y multiplicar nuestra esfera.  ¿Cuál es tu plan para la multiplicación? 
  7. ¿Quieres ser pleno?

A menudo, Jesús hacía la pregunta: “¿Quieres ser pleno?”  Es por eso que después de su respuesta de fe, Él diría, “Tu fe te ha hecho pleno. ” Cuando Él sana, Él también restaura. La restauración es un proceso holístico. Sólo Dios tiene el poder de reunir las piezas dispersas de nuestras vidas y traerlas de vuelta a la totalidad.  Eso es parte de lo que pasó en mi vida. Cuando el Señor dijo: “Te restauraré todo lo que has perdido”, entré en un proceso de intercambiar mi vida fragmentada por la integridad, al ser hecho entero, que me da el poder para obtener todas las bendiciones espirituales que Dios había almacenado para mí en los lugares celestiales. Mi cuerpo, mi alma y mi espíritu entraron en ese proceso.  La recuperación produce restauración, la cual a su vez produce multiplicación.  El siguiente enfoque de oración de 28 días te ayudará a avanzar en este viaje.

¡Sé pleno nuevamente y vence!

Día 1:  Memoriza y medita en 1 Tes. 5:23. “Ahora que el mismo Dios de la paz os santifique por completo; y que todo tu espíritu, alma y cuerpo sean preservados sin culpa hasta la venida de nuestro Señor Jesucristo”. Declara que tu cuerpo, alma y espíritu entrarán en el proceso de llegar a estar en plenitud.  

Día 2: Lee Lucas 18:35-43. ¡No pierdas tu momento para clamar por misericordia!  Cuando el Señor te pregunte qué puede hacer por ti, presenta tu petición sin disculparte. 

Día 3: Lee Juan 5:1-17 y memoriza el versículo 17.   El Señor conocía la condición del hombre. Él conoce tu condición.  La pregunta que él hizo fue:  “¿Quieres estar bien (ser hecho pleno)?” Sin embargo, el hombre comenzó a explicar su condición en lugar de responder a su pregunta. Deja de explicar y sólo recibe. 

Día 4:  Lee el Salmo 16 y Hechos 17:24-28. Muchos de nosotros hemos pasado por el trauma.   La clave para superar el trauma es restablecer tus límites.   En primer lugar, el Señor sabe dónde estás.  Él predestinó tu tiempo y lugar.  En tus límites restablecidos, debes comenzar a gestionar todos los estímulos de una forma nueva y fresca.  Cuando El plantó el Jardín, su intención era que el Jardín se extendiera y tomara la tierra.  No hagas tus límites demasiado grandes hasta que proceses cada área de dolor y trauma.  Vigila cuidadosamente toda cosa que entra en tus límites.  Él está muy cerca de ti – puedes aferrarte a Él y encontrarlo.

Día 5: ¡Dios tiene un plan para ti!   Medita en Is. 55:8-11. Sus caminos no son tus caminos. Memoriza Jer 29:11.   Pide que la esperanza se levante en tu corazón. 

Día 6: Lee Romanos 8. Medita en Fil. 4:7. Permite que el Espíritu del Señor renueve y transforme tu mente.  Habla en voz alta a tu atmosfera. Rom. 12:1-2.

Día 7:  Abraza el poder de la restauración.   Lee Joel 2. Él puede quitar todas las maneras en que las langostas te han disminuido.   Él puede restaurar completamente toda tu pérdida.  Permítele que traiga de vuelta lo que necesitas para tu futuro. 

Día 8: ¡Tienes futuro!  Deja que el Señor recree tus expectativas.   Memoriza Prov. 13:12 y Prov. 10:28-30.   Pídele al Espíritu de Dios que haga que la esperanza surja dentro de ti.

Día 9: Lee Fil. 3:10, Rom. 5:18, y memoriza Rom. 8:1. Rompe el poder de la condenación y de la auto lástima.  El enemigo condena.  El Espíritu Santo convence de pecado.  Durante tu prueba, el enemigo te recordará todo lo que has hecho mal.  También te hará lamentar de que tengas que soportar esto.  El Espíritu Santo vino a consolarnos y a convencernos de pecado.  Bendice al Espíritu Santo.  Pide una nueva llenura de Su gracia.  Pide una activación de los dones dentro de ti que son más poderosos que cualquier palabra que el enemigo pueda decir. En medio de tus heridas y vacío, el Espíritu Santo está listo para llenarte de una forma nueva y fresca. 

Día 10:  Memoriza y media en Proverbios 18:14. “El espíritu de un hombre lo sostendrá en la enfermedad, pero ¿quién puede soportar un espíritu quebrantado?”   Un espíritu quebrantado ocurre cuando las dificultades de la vida aplastan nuestra capacidad de resistir.  Sin embargo, Jesús vino a sanar nuestros cuerpos, así como el alma y el espíritu.  Elige abrazar Su deseo de que vuelvas a ser pleno.

Día 11:  Memoriza y medita en 1 Juan 3:8. “El que peca es del diablo, porque el diablo ha pecado desde el principio. Para este propósito se manifestó el Hijo de Dios, para que él pudiera destruir las obras del diablo.” Yeshúa no se desvió de Su llamado.  Pide Su Sabiduría y Revelación para vencer los planes del enemigo. 

Día 12: Lee Marcos 5:25-34.  Siempre habrá una multitud de entre la cual uno tendrá que abrirse camino. Esta mujer estaba desesperada, y el Señor la reconoció y la liberó de su temporada pasada.   Presiona, abre camino y tócalo para comenzar tu próxima temporada de integridad. Lee Lucas 17:11-19.  No te detengas de pedir sólo misericordia.  Sé como el único leproso que regresó al Señor con gratitud por su sanidad y fue hecho entero.   Lee Lucas 7:36-50. Cuando te perdonan mucho, amas mucho.  Tómate un tiempo para expresar tu amor al Señor por todo lo que Él ha hecho por ti. 

Día 13: Lee Mateo 8:5-13. La fe está vinculada con la autoridad.  En la medida en que nos sometemos a la autoridad que Dios ha puesto en nuestras vidas, nuestra fe tiene la oportunidad de estirarse y fortalecerse.  La fe es el agente de superación que el pueblo de Dios tiene en esta tierra.  Revisa tus estructuras de autoridad y tus respuestas a las preguntas anteriores. 

Día 14: Lee y meditar en 1 Corintios 13:12-13. Los animo a leer esto en diferentes traducciones. Yeshúa vino por amor, y el Reino se estableció entonces sobre ese amor. Todo lo  que el Señor hace se basa en Su amor. Sin nuestro amor por Él y los demás, nuestra visión sufre. Pídele al Espíritu de Dios que te llene de nuevo para que elijas buscar el amor en toda tu superación. 

Día 15:  Lee Jeremías 1. No tengas miedo de las voces que pretenden prevalecer en contra de ti.  ¡El Señor te está dando una fuerza divina que ningún poder hostil puede vencer!

Día 16: Lee Juan 12:35-36. Memoriza y medita en Romanos 12:21.  No permitas que la oscuridad te  supere. Camina en la luz y vence el mal con el bien.   Declara que tu postrer estado será mayor que el primero.

Día 17: Me encantaría animarte a leer el libro de Santiago.  Asegúrate de meditar en Santiago 4:6 y memorizar Santiago 4:7. Nunca olvides que tienes un enemigo, un adversario, el diablo, que no juega limpio.  Sometete a Dios, resiste al diablo, y él debe huir. 

Día 18:  Lee 1 Juan 4, y memoriza el versículo 4. Declara que eres de Dios, y El que vive en ti es más poderoso que el que está en el mundo. 

Día 19:  Lee Apocalipsis 2 y 3. Lee en voz alta las promesas para los que vencen. Ahora lee Apocalipsis 12 y memoriza el versículo 11.  Un testimonio vence al diablo, y sale de tu boca por el Espíritu de Dios con el poder de desmantelar demonios. El enemigo seguramente no quiere que la circunstancia en la que estamos se convierta en un testimonio; si ocurre un testimonio, entonces el poder de superación de la naturaleza de Dios dentro de nosotros lo desplazará y derrocará la estrategia del diablo dentro de nosotros a partir de ese día.  Confirma tu elección de soportar el conflicto para que tu testimonio de victoria esté asegurado. 

Día 20: Lee Hebreos 4. Hoy es un día para que ustedes guerreen para entrar en Su descanso.  No te detengas hasta que llegues al trono de la gracia y obtengas misericordia para tu tiempo de necesidad. 

Día 21: Lee Santiago 4 y memoriza el versículo 7. Después de que el segundo de nuestros gemelos muriera, escuché a Pam compartir una de las cosas más impactantes que he escuchado. Ella había sido cuestionada sobre cómo podía estar tan bien después de la pérdida, y ella dijo:  “Si hay algo que he aprendido en mi vida, es que cuanto más rápido me someto a la mano de Dios, más rápido puedo resistir al diablo. He elegido someterme a la mano de Dios en esta circunstancia. Y al someterme a la mano de Dios, Él me dará la capacidad de vencer al enemigo, de tal forma que la doble porción que ha sido robada sea devuelta.” ¡Elige someterte y recibir la unción de un vencedor!

Día 22: Lee números 13 – 14:38. Josué y Caleb estuvieron entre los que espiaron la tierra y eligieron creer en la promesa del Señor.  No temas a los gigantes que se te oponen.  ¡Declara que tus gigantes se convertirán en tu pan!

Día 23:  Lee Josué 1. Sé fuerte y de buen coraje como Josué.  No temas pisar nuevos terrenos y declarar que prosperarás en cada área de tu ser.   Lee Josué 14:6-15. Contiende por tus promesas como Caleb.  Estaba tan fuerte para la guerra a los 85 años como lo era a los 40.  ¡Declara que expulsarás a tus enemigos como el Señor ha dicho!

Día 24: Lee Proverbios 31. Esta mujer no sólo ejemplifica a la esposa virtuosa, sino también a la Novia de Cristo.  Estamos llamados a ejemplificar la excelencia, el valor moral, la capacidad, la nobleza y la sabiduría en acción.  ¡Decreta que estás desarrollando tu identidad sobrenatural y vencedora!

Día 25: Lee Daniel 6. Daniel es uno de mis líderes favoritos de la Biblia.  Tenemos que ser como él si queremos lograrlo en los próximos días. Daniel tenía un espíritu excelente, y permitió que su carácter fuera probado.  Al igual que Daniel, podemos desarrollar espíritus excelentes al permitir que nuestras mentes se transformen para reflejar la cultura del Reino del que somos parte.  Elige ser apartado y representar el deseo del Señor en esta batalla terrenal.

Día 26: Lee 2 Corintios 10 y 11, 2 Timoteo 4:1-8. Pablo calculó el costo y aún así eligió seguir al Señor hasta el final.  El mismo Espíritu Santo que lo empoderó a él para pelear la buena batalla también te permitirá terminar tu carrera.  Pídele al Señor que te llene con Su poder para vencer y presionar hacia tu nuevo lugar en Él.    

Día 27: Lee Isaías 40:25-31 en voz alta. El Dios de Israel empodera a los débiles y da fuerza a los que no tienen poder.  Espera en el Señor y observa cómo Él te levanta.  ¡Declara que correrás y no estarás cansado, y caminaras sin desmayarte!  Memoriza y medita en  Hebreos  12:12-13.  ¡Habla a tus manos y rodillas y diles que están siendo fortalecidas para que avances en tu camino de victoria!

Día 28: Lee 2 Cron. 20. A través de la palabra del Señor, obtenemos estrategia para superar el plan del enemigo.  No desmayes frente a lo que se te opone, porque la batalla no es tuya sino del Señor.  ¡Levántate con un canto de alabanza y declara que Su misericordia perdura para siempre!  Él te enviará a superar todo bloqueo. 

No importa cuando recibas este enfoque de oración de 28 días, ¡comienza el primer día y entra en este tiempo para estar entero de nuevo y vencer!


Chuck D. Pierce


Objectif de prière de 28 jours

Nous entrons tous dans une nouvelle ère et nous nous dirigeons vers une nouvelle place dans le Seigneur. La semaine dernière, j’ai eu affaire à un grand nombre de personnes qui avaient subi un énorme traumatisme et qui continuaient à vivre des circonstances graves. Ma première pensée a été : « Je dois aider les gens à surmonter leur traumatisme ». Cependant, ce matin, le Seigneur m’a parlé et m’a dit : « Tu dois aider les gens à redevenir entiers. C’est un moment où Mon peuple doit créer un esprit de dépassement ! »

Ce dimanche Robert Heidler et moi-même avons exercé notre ministère sur le thème « Développer un esprit de vainqueur ! » Vaincre signifie conquérir ; vaincre ; soumettre (vaincre des ennemis au combat) ; surmonter ; prendre le dessus (surmonter des difficultés ou des obstacles) ; dominer ; être victorieux.  De nombreux conflits attendent chacun d’entre nous.  Le conflit est lié à la “guerre du changement” que nous rencontrons en avançant vers le plan du Royaume de Dieu.  Par conséquent, le Seigneur apporte une nouvelle force dans notre homme spirituel.  Rappelez-vous, nous ne marchons pas selon la chair, mais selon l’Esprit (Rom 8:4).

Un appel à être entier

Lorsque nous abandonnons notre vie au Seigneur, nous sommes généralement fragmentés dans notre âme avec des morceaux de notre vie éparpillés ici et là. Le pouvoir de dispersion est lié à une malédiction qui a le droit d’opérer à cause du péché et de l’iniquité dans notre vie. Lorsque nous péchons, des morceaux de la personne que Dieu veut que nous soyons sont laissés de côté, liés aux moments où nous avons raté la cible et agi par nos propres forces. Nous échangeons la pureté, la bénédiction, la santé ou une partie du plan parfait de Dieu pour nos vies pour un moment où quelque chose de moindre importance qui satisfait temporairement notre désir. Par conséquent, des parties de toute la personne que nous devrions être sont dispersées le long des chemins de notre vie à chaque endroit où la tentation nous a conduits au péché.

Bien que nous ayons tendance, dans le monde occidental, à compartimenter nos vies physiquement, mentalement et spirituellement (corps, âme et esprit), le fait qu’une vision biblique correcte du monde est celle d’une personne unifiée, entière, dans laquelle ces parties ne sont pas des entités séparées, mais sont interconnectées. 1 Thessaloniciens 5:23 dit :

« Que le Dieu de paix vous rende lui-même entièrement saints et qu’il vous garde parfaitement esprit, âme et corps pour que vous soyez irréprochables lors de la venue de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ ! »

Nous voyons ici que l’intérêt de Dieu à nous sanctifier ne se limite pas seulement à l’être spirituel d’un individu, mais qu’il désire voir la personne entière restaurée. Le concept de traiter une personne de manière holistique ne vient pas de l’Extrême-Orient ou de la pensée New-age; il vient de Dieu.

Anthony Allen, dans le livre Transforming Health édité par Eric Ram, déclare : « La façon dont les gens pensent, se sentent, ont des relations et gèrent leur mode de vie peut mutiler et même tuer. Mais la guérison divine et l’espoir renouvelé peuvent transcender les processus normaux de guérison. Le pardon divin, la réconciliation, la délivrance, la restauration et le renouveau apportent la guérison. Là où Dieu règne, il y a guérison. La plénitude ne vient pas en traitant mais en guérissant. »

Questions clés pour devenir entier

Ces 28 jours sont l’occasion de redevenir entier et de vaincre. Voici plusieurs questions à méditer lorsque vous commencerez et poursuivrez votre voyage dans le cadre de ce thème de prière :

  • Qu’est-ce qui a besoin d’être changé et transformé dans votre vie ?
  • Qu’essayez-vous de changer et de transformer dans votre vie ?
  • Essayez-vous de transformer une chose afin que l’ensemble de votre vie reflète sa gloire dans une plus grande mesure ?
  • Classez par ordre de priorité et dressez la liste des 10 principaux changements à opérer dans votre vie.
  • Faites-vous la guerre à l’ennemi de votre âme pour provoquer ces changements ? (Vous avez un ennemi qui s’oppose à vous).
  • Nous sommes appelés à cultiver, accroître et multiplier notre sphère. Quel est votre plan de multiplication ?
  • Voulez-vous que votre vie devienne entière ?

Souvent, Jésus posait la question suivante : « Voulez-vous être guéris ? ».  C’est pourquoi, après la réponse de leur foi, il disait : « Votre foi vous a guéris. » Lorsqu’il guérit, il restaure également. La restauration est un processus holistique. Seul Dieu a le pouvoir de rassembler les morceaux épars de nos vies et de les ramener à l’intégrité. C’est en partie ce qui est arrivé à ma vie. Lorsque le Seigneur a dit : « Je te rendrai tout ce que tu as perdu », je suis entré dans un processus d’échange de ma vie fragmentée contre une plénitude qui m’a donné le pouvoir d’obtenir toutes les bénédictions spirituelles que Dieu avait stockées pour moi dans les lieux célestes. Mon corps, mon âme et mon esprit ont tous participé à ce processus.  Le rétablissement produit la restauration, qui produit la multiplication. L’objectif de prière de 28 jours suivant vous aidera à avancer dans ce voyage.

Soyez à nouveau entier et vainquez !

Jour #01 // Mémorisez et méditez sur 1 Thessaloniciens 5:23 : « Que le Dieu de paix vous rende lui-même entièrement saints et qu’il vous garde parfaitement esprit, âme et corps pour que vous soyez irréprochables lors de la venue de notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ. » Déclarez que votre corps, votre âme et votre esprit entreront dans le processus de devenir entiers.

Jour #02 // Lisez Luc 18:35-43.  Ne manquez pas le moment de crier miséricorde !  Lorsque le Seigneur vous demande ce qu’il peut faire pour vous, présentez votre requête sans vous excuser.

Jour #03 // lisez Jean 5 :1-17, et mémorisez le verset 17.  Le Seigneur connaissait la condition de l’homme. Il connaît votre condition. La question qu’il a posée était la suivante : « Veux-tu être guéri ? »  Cependant, l’homme a commencé à expliquer sa condition plutôt que de répondre à sa question. Arrêtez d’expliquer et recevez simplement.

Jour #04 // lisez le Psaume 16 et Actes 17 :24-28.  Beaucoup d’entre nous ont vécu un traumatisme. La clé pour surmonter un traumatisme est de redéfinir vos limites. Tout d’abord, le Seigneur sait où vous êtes. Il a prédestiné votre temps et votre lieu. Dans vos limites réinitialisées, vous devez commencer à gérer tous les stimuli nouveaux et frais.  Lorsqu’il a planté le jardin, il voulait que le jardin sorte et envahisse la terre. Ne faites pas vos frontières trop grandes jusqu’à ce que vous traitiez chaque secteur du chagrin et du trauma.  Surveillez attentivement tout ce qui entre dans vos limites. Il est tout près de vous – vous pouvez le saisir et le trouver.

Jour #05 jour // Dieu a un plan pour vous ! Méditez sur Esaie 55:8-11. Ses voies ne sont pas les vôtres. Mémorisez Jérémie 29:11.  Demande que l’espoir se lève dans ton cœur.

Jour #06 // Lisez Romains 8. Méditez sur Philippiens 4:7. Laissez l’Esprit du Seigneur renouveler et transformer votre esprit. Parlez à voix haute dans votre atmosphère. Romains 12:1-2.

Jour #07 // Adoptez le pouvoir de la restauration.  Lisez Joël 2. Il peut supprimer toutes les façons dont les sauterelles vous ont diminué. Il peut restaurer complètement toutes vos pertes. Permettez-lui de ramener ce dont vous avez besoin pour votre avenir.

Jour #08 // Vous avez un avenir ! Laissez le Seigneur recréer vos attentes. Mémorisez Proverbes 13:12 et Proverbes 10:28-30. Demandez à l’Esprit de Dieu de faire jaillir l’espoir en vous.

Jour #09 // Lisez Philippiens 3:10, Romains 5:18, et mémorisez Romains 8:1.  Brisez le pouvoir de la condamnation et de l’apitoiement sur soi. L’ennemi condamne mais le Saint-Esprit convainc. Pendant votre procès, l’ennemi vous rappellera tout ce que vous avez fait de mal.  Il vous fera aussi regretter d’avoir à endurer cela. Le Saint-Esprit est venu pour nous réconforter et nous convaincre. Bénissez le Saint-Esprit. Demandez un nouveau remplissage de sa grâce. Demandez l’activation des dons qui sont en vous et qui sont plus puissants que tout ce que l’ennemi peut dire. Au milieu de vos meurtrissures et de vos vides, le Saint-Esprit est prêt à vous remplir de façon nouvelle et fraîche.

Jour #10 // Mémorisez et méditez sur Proverbes 18:14. « Un bon moral permet de supporter la maladie, mais si le moral est abattu, qui le relèvera ? » Un esprit brisé se produit lorsque les difficultés de la vie écrasent notre capacité de résistance. Cependant, Jésus est venu pour guérir nos corps, ainsi que notre âme et notre esprit. Choisissez d’embrasser son désir de vous voir redevenir entier.

Jour #11 // Mémorisez et méditez sur 1 Jean 3:8. « Celui qui s’adonne au péché appartient au diable, car le diable pèche dès le commencement. Or, le Fils de Dieu est précisément apparu pour détruire les œuvres du diable. »  Yeshoua n’a pas dévié de son appel. Demandez sa sagesse et sa révélation pour vaincre les plans de l’ennemi.

Jour #12 // Lisez Marc 5.25-34. Il y aura toujours une foule que l’on devra traverser. Cette femme était désespérée, le Seigneur l’a reconnue et l’a délivrée de sa saison passée. Pressez-vous et touchez-le pour commencer votre prochaine saison de plénitude.  Lisez Luc 17:11-19. Ne vous contentez pas de demander la miséricorde. Soyez comme le lépreux qui est retourné vers le Seigneur avec gratitude pour sa guérison et a été guéri. Lisez Luc 7:36-50.  Quand on est beaucoup pardonné, on aime beaucoup. Prenez le temps d’exprimer votre amour au Seigneur pour tout ce qu’il a fait pour vous.

Jour #13 // Lisez Matthieu 8.5-13. La foi est liée à l’autorité. Dans la mesure où nous nous soumettons à l’autorité que Dieu a placée dans nos vies, notre foi a la possibilité de s’étendre et de se renforcer. La foi est l’agent vainqueur dont dispose le peuple de Dieu sur cette terre. Revoyez vos structures d’autorité et les réponses à vos questions ci-dessus.

Jour #14 // Lisez et méditez sur 1 Corinthiens 13:12-13. Je vous encourage à lire ce passage dans plusieurs traductions. Yeshoua est venu à cause de l’amour, et le Royaume a ensuite été établi sur cet amour. Tout ce que le Seigneur fait est basé sur son amour. Sans notre amour pour lui et pour les autres, notre vision souffre. Demandez à l’Esprit de Dieu de vous remplir à nouveau afin que vous choisissiez de poursuivre l’amour dans tous vos dépassements.

Jour #15 // Lisez Jérémie 1. Ne craignez pas les voix qui prétendent l’emporter sur vous.  Le Seigneur vous donne une force divine qu’aucune puissance hostile ne peut vaincre !

Jour #16 // Lisez Jean 12:35-36. Mémorisez et méditez Romains 12:21. Ne laissez pas les ténèbres vous envahir. Marchez dans la lumière et vainquez le mal par le bien. Déclarez que votre dernière fin sera plus grande que la première.

Jour #17 // J’aimerais vous encourager à lire le livre de Jacques. Veillez à méditer sur Jacques 4:6 et à mémoriser Jacques 4:7. N’oubliez jamais que vous avez un ennemi, un adversaire, le diable, qui ne joue pas franc jeu. Soumettez-vous à Dieu, résistez-lui, et il doit fuir.

Jour #18 // Lisez et mémorisez le 1 Jean 4 :4. Déclarez que vous êtes de Dieu, et que Celui qui vit en vous est plus puissant que celui qui est dans le monde.

Jour #19 // lisez Apocalypse 2 et 3. Lisez à haute voix les promesses pour ceux qui vainquent.  Lisez maintenant Apocalypse 12 et mémorisez le verset 11.  Un témoignage vaincra le diable, et sortira de votre bouche par l’Esprit de Dieu avec le pouvoir de dérouter les démons. L’ennemi ne veut certainement pas que la circonstance dans laquelle nous nous trouvons devienne un témoignage ; si un témoignage se produit, alors la puissance victorieuse de la nature de Dieu en nous le supplantera et renversera la stratégie du diable en nous à partir de ce jour. Confirmez votre choix d’endurer le conflit afin que votre témoignage de vainqueur soit assuré.

Jour #20 // Lisez Hébreux 4. Aujourd’hui est un jour où vous devez guerroyer pour entrer dans son repos. Ne vous arrêtez pas avant de vous être approché du trône de la grâce et d’avoir obtenu la miséricorde pour votre temps de besoin.

Jour #21 // Lisez et mémorisez Jacques 4:7.  Après le décès du second de nos jumeaux, j’ai entendu mon épouse Pam partager l’une des choses les plus marquantes que j’aie jamais entendues. On l’avait interrogée sur la façon dont elle pouvait aller si bien après cette perte, et elle a répondu : « S’il y a une chose que j’ai apprise dans ma vie, c’est que plus vite je me soumets à la main de Dieu, plus vite je peux résister au diable. J’ai choisi de me soumettre à la main de Dieu dans cette circonstance. Et en me soumettant à la main de Dieu, il me donnera la capacité de vaincre l’ennemi afin que la double portion qui a été volée soit rendue. » Choisissez de vous soumettre et de recevoir l’onction du vainqueur !

Jour #22 // Lisez Nombres 13 – 14:38.  Josué et Caleb étaient parmi ceux qui ont espionné le pays et ont choisi de croire la promesse du Seigneur. Ne craignez pas les géants qui s’opposent à vous. Déclarez que vos géants deviendront votre pain !

Jour #23 // Lisez Josué 1. Soyez forts et courageux comme Josué. Ne craignez pas de fouler un terrain nouveau et déclarez que vous prospérerez dans tous les domaines de votre être.  Lisez Josué 14:6-15. Défendez vos promesses comme Caleb. Il était aussi fort pour la guerre à 85 ans qu’à 40 ans. Déclarez que vous chasserez vos ennemis comme le Seigneur l’a dit !

Jour #24 // Lisez Proverbes 31. Cette femme n’est pas seulement l’exemple de l’épouse vertueuse, mais aussi de l’Épouse du Christ. Nous sommes appelés à donner l’exemple de l’excellence, de la valeur morale, de la capacité, de la noblesse et de la sagesse en action.  Décidez que vous développez votre identité surnaturelle et victorieuse !

Jour #25 // Lisez Daniel 6. Daniel est l’un de mes dirigeants préférés dans la Bible. Nous devons être comme lui si nous voulons réussir dans les jours à venir. Daniel avait un excellent esprit, et a permis que son caractère soit testé. Comme Daniel, nous pouvons développer un excellent esprit en permettant à nos esprits d’être transformés pour refléter la culture du Royaume dont nous faisons partie. Choisissez d’être mis à part et de représenter le désir du Seigneur dans cette bataille terrestre.

Jour #26 //  Lisez 2 Corinthiens 10 et 11, 2 Timothée 4:1-8.  Paul a compté le prix à payer et a choisi de suivre le Seigneur jusqu’au bout. Le même Esprit Saint qui lui a donné la force de combattre le bon combat vous permettra également de terminer votre course. Demandez au Seigneur de vous remplir de sa puissance de vainqueur pour vous permettre d’avancer dans votre nouvelle place en lui.

Jour #27 // Lisez à haute voix Ésaïe 40 :25-31. Le Dieu d’Israël donne du pouvoir aux faibles et de la force à ceux qui n’en ont pas.  Attendez le Seigneur et regardez comment il vous relève.  Déclarez que vous courrez sans vous lasser, que vous marchez sans vous fatiguer ! Mémorisez et méditez Hébreux 12:12-13. Dites à vos mains et à vos genoux qu’ils sont renforcés pour que vous puissiez avancer sur le chemin de la victoire !

Jour #28 // Lisez 2 Chroniques 20. Par la parole du Seigneur, nous acquérons une stratégie pour vaincre le plan de l’ennemi. Ne vous effrayiez pas de ce qui vous oppose, car le combat n’est pas le vôtre, mais celui du Seigneur. Levez-vous avec un chant de louange et déclarez que sa miséricorde dure à jamais ! Il vous enverra pour surmonter tous les obstacles.

Quel que soit le moment où vous recevez cet objectif de 28 jours de prière, commencez dès le premier jour, et entrez dans ce temps pour être à nouveau entier et vaincre

Bénédictions, Chuck D. Pierce

Driving Back the Giants!

Dear Advancing Ones:

In contending for our future, it is critical that we not slander the Lord’s promises.  Psalm 103:1-5 cautions us to not forget any of His benefits, and specifically lists six of them that God has promised us.  But just as Israel found that there were giants camped out on THEIR promised land, Satan has positioned giants on OUR promises, and those giants must be defeated!  Join us tomorrow morning at 9 AM CDT when we express our devotion in worship and hear Robert Heidler’s message on “Driving Back the Giants: Claiming the Benefits of God!”  Let’s align our hearts and declarations with His plans for hope and a good future. 

The Beauty of Creation Garden Video

I love to spend time in the Israel Prayer Garden meeting the Spirit of God and gaining a fresh perspective.  This Shabbat video will not only help you enjoy the Garden – which is breathtaking – but quiet your thoughts to meditate on His presence.  As you watch, I declare you will be free to worship in the beauty of His creation.

thumbnail_Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 12.36.03 PM

A Global Family!
Even though my travel has been limited during this Divine Pause, I still operate in my call for the healing of the nations. This week I have prayed for many nations, including South Africa – which is in great turmoil.  What a delight to receive this note from Lucia in Cape Town, South Africa, showing how the Spirit of God has globally connected us.

I was pleasantly surprised and totally blessed on July 8 when I received your donation thank you letter, which was exactly three months after I first started watching online. The date on which the note was written is significant to me because it was my birthday.  Your letter seemed like a birthday gift from my heavenly Father. 

I started watching Glory of Zion in April this year. I was going through a really low period, spiritually. It started on the Resurrection weekend. I didn’t even know what to say to God.  Then on Thursday morning, the 8th of April, I watched the replay of your Sunday celebration service…and I’ve been watching every Shabbat and Sunday service ever since. God has truly resurrected my spirit through GZI ministry. I got my 14-year-old daughter, Abigail, to watch the Deliverance Gathering with me last weekend and the Sunday service. She loves the teaching… says it’s like a history class. She’ll be watching every service with me from now on. Praise God! Plus, she’s also doing the 21 Days of Intense Treatment with me.

Thank you so much for all that God is doing in our lives through GZI. Even though we are continents apart, we feel like family.  God bless you and GZI!

I am so grateful for each of you who are a part of this global family! 


Chuck D. Pierce

The Key to Break a Curse

Dear Advancing Ones:

Curses (along with legalism and superstition) work to bind us into certain behaviors and keep us from liberation in God. The minute we receive a curse as truth (even though it is a lie), our ability to think and receive truth is perverted.  Lies about who we are can then go into our mind and end up in our heart.  Instead of life flowing through our blood, wrong words actually start flowing through the veins of our body.   That is why our 21 Day “Blood War” Prayer Focus is so vital. 

Particularly as we are about to enter the Hebrew month of Av, we must understand the key to breaking a curse.  As Robert Heidler will share on Sunday morning, Av was the time frame when 10 of the Hebrew spies agreed with unbelief and declared the enemies in the promised land were too great to overcome.  Even though they tasted the fruit of the land, they refused to enter, and by doing so, put themselves under a curse.  But God intended this month to be a time of embracing and entering His promises.  I encourage you to prepare for a special Firstfruits Gathering this Sunday at 9 AM CDT as we celebrate God’s blessings in the month of Av!

Out of Captivity … a Love Story! by Chris Hayward

The month of Av can be a “low point” or “high point” in our yearly calendar.  We can choose to receive a curse or choose to break a curse.  Even if you feel like captivity surrounds you, there is an inheritance you are grafted into.  I’ve held this video from Chris Hayward to share with you at just the right time.  If you are not familiar with Chris, he is the President of Cleansing Stream Ministries, an internationally recognized ministry that helps prepare and disciple participants to receive healing and deliverance.  As each one of us prepares for a deliverance weekend of breaking curses, Chris’ teaching will help us individually press through the narrow place and into our new season.  Watch “Out of Captivity” and be refreshed to enter a new season of freedom, increase and enlargement. 

A Time to Bless

Earlier today, we sent out a large team to help dedicate another Hawaiian Bros restaurant in the Ft. Worth area. Celestine Pierce shares, “Our Illuminate team did an awesome job as the three owners (all brothers) and their family, including their mother, were together to witness this blessing for the first time.  Two of them flew in from different states to be at this event in which they expressed their gratitude and the impact we have made on their team and managers from the previous blessings. There is an excitement to how the Lord is opening doors for us to be the salt and light into community and the business sector.  One of the General Managers from Denton came to me with tears in his eyes and shared how much he was impacted by the blessings both at the Denton dedication and here in Forth Worth today. One of the brothers also expressed that they want to sow into Illuminate since they were so touched by everything that was said and done. Glory be to God!”

I love how this ministry is being invited to serve the community through creative expressions of sound and movement.  I declare that you will also be sought after as one to speak blessing and life into your spheres of influence.

Screen Shot 2021-07-07 at 6.49.41 PM


Chuck D. Pierce

Restoring Liberty to the Land of the Free!

Dear Advancing Ones:

I am not a person who holds my freedom lightly.  Although our culture may try to remove or redefine what freedom is, it can change the truth of “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty!”  We must never forget that since Jesus overcome death, hell, and the grave, we have freedom.  The Savior we serve is alive and filled with life, and out of His victory we have abundant life.

Tomorrow we will have a special “Liberty” Service to remember not only our freedoms, but how Holy Spirit revival is needed to restore liberty to any land.  I encourage you to spend time this weekend thanking the Lord for the freedoms we still have in the United States (or your nation, if you live outside the United States).  I also hope you can join us at 9 AM CDT for a powerful time of worship, declaration, honoring, interceding, and understanding what true freedom is as Robert Heidler teaches on “Restoring Liberty to the Land of the Free!” 

Let the Skies Pour Down Righteousness!

This past week, we’ve received some amazing rain here at the Global Spheres Center.  As this video shows, showers of blessing have poured out upon us.  Step under the spout of heaven and declare Isaiah 45:8 over your territory: “Rain down, you heavens, from above, and let the skies pour down righteousness; let the earth open, let them bring forth salvation, and let righteousness spring up together.  I, the Lord, have created it.”

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Whirlwinds in the Heavens!

On Thursday night a tornado touched down in Washington DC.  As multiple waves of heavy rain, lightning and strong winds swept through the region, two twisters actually touched down in the area.  Only a few recorded tornadoes have touched down in the last 50 years within the boundaries of the District.  We always want to heed whirlwinds in the heavens.  You can read more about this from Jon & Jolene Hamill of Lamplighter Ministries by clicking HERE

A Time to Celebrate Our Freedom!

Earlier today, we participated in the annual Lake Cities 4th of July Parade and Festival.  Our team did an amazing job building and presenting our first float.  This entry was based on the song, God Bless America.  However you celebrate this holiday, I encourage you to recognize and welcome God’s blessings in every portion of your land. 

Illuminate 4th of July Parade-6


Chuck D. Pierce

The Blood War: 21 Days of Intense Treatment (Including a 21-Day Prayer Focus)

Dear Advancing Ones:

The Word of God is alive – full of power and like a sword, dividing a person’s soul from their eternal part, the spirit. As a result of this incredible power, the Word causes our hearts to change. I believe this change is both spiritual and physical. Romans 10:17 says, “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Satan’s greatest strategy is to stop you from hearing what God has to say to you. He knows that when the voice of God penetrates you, it goes deep into your bone marrow and rearranges the cell structures within your body. He knows it has a powerful effect on the blood flow within your body. When the Word of God successfully penetrates us, when we allow it to be stored in our hearts and develop the way we think, our blood system begins to be purified. The Spirit of God literally begins to invade our blood structures.

On Sunday morning, the Lord released an unusual word about His Blood penetrating us:

“I AM putting you through 21 days of intense treatment. My blood will become hotter than the blood that is running through your body and, by the Spirit, it will begin to find cells that have not been found. These next 21 days will be a time of divine, intense treatment. A 21-day intense treatment is coming into My people.  I AM about to do something in you in these next 21 days that is different than has ever been done before!”

The Blood War

The war over the blood is one of the greatest conflicts the Body of Christ must understand.  We must never forget the war will always be over the blood of our Lord and how we worship Him. The antichrist force is always against the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the war escalates, we must discern this force and declare the victory of our Lord through His wondrous blood. As John said, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30). With an entire chapter on “The Blood War”, God’s Unfolding Battle Plan will help His Spirit to increase in your blood!

During these next three weeks, I believe it’s vital we allow His living-and-active Word to transform our blood and bodies.  You have a glory that the Lord has placed within you that can begin to move and uncover what has been hidden.  If you’ll fan the glory, it will push out the iniquity that has caused you to miss opportunities in the past and it will cause you to hear His Word. Your heart will rejoice, and you will have strength to embrace the treatment He is administrating.

I declare every place in your body that has lost its strength because His blood was inactive will now come alive. I call for a new release of His blood to go into every extremity of your body so that there is not a single place of weakness or infirmity. I decree that the joints which cause God’s people to connect and move in different ways will have a new blood flow, until we all come to the unity of the faith. As you read this daily focus, I declare your mind will become disciplined so you are not pulled to the right or to the left but remain steadfast on Him. Your thoughts are getting in His timing and coming under His power and authority.

Day 1Read Psalm 139, Ephesians 2. May the Lord show you who you are in Him. You are ORIGINAL – fearfully and wonderfully made! Thank Him for forming you in your mother’s womb.Spend the day PRAISING! Meditate on and speak forth 1 Thes. 5:16-24. Decree that your whole spirit, soul and body will be sanctified! 

Day 2Sing or praise with Psalm 23. Agree with God for the restoration of your soul. SOUL is linked with “breathing.” Soul refers to the entire inner nature and personality of a person. Read Deut. 26:16-19. Declare that you will be set on high in a new place with a seal called “SPECIAL.” Decree life and life abundantly. Read and underline Mt. 6:25, Luke 12:22, John 10:10

Day 3: Ask the Lord to make your heart PURE! Declare that the seat of your feelings, desires, affections, and aversions will come under the alignment of the Holy Spirit. Read the Beatitudes-Mt. 5:1-12. Ask the Lord to send help or aid to your soul so you can attain your highest end. Declare your “end” will be greater than your beginning. Read Hag. 2. Ask the Lord for your soul to begin to prosper in a new way. Read 3 John 2; James 1:21; 1 Peter 1:9Now ask the Lord to make you “see.” The pure in heart SEE HIM (Mt. 5:8).

Day 4Memorize Prov. 18:14Ask the Lord to deal with any way the spirit of the world has vexed or influenced your spirit. Thank God that you are a spiritual being and that you will live eternally with Him. If you do not have this assurance, stop and ask the Lord to remove any doubt from you. Receive a cleansing through His blood. Read Heb. 9. Ask the Lord to cleanse your conscience and restore it to full working authority. Ask the Lord to renew your communion with Him. Take communion with HimYour spirit is that part of you related to worship and divine communion. Read and underline 1 Cor. 16:18; Job 32:18; Ps. 51:10; Mt. 11:29; 2 Cor. 7:1; 1 Peter 2:11; Ps.77:6; 1 Peter 1:8-9; Is.26:9; Rom. 8:10; Eph. 4:4; and James 2:26.

Day 5: The BODY is the lowest part of man’s triune being where the soul and spirit reside. Honor the Holy Spirit who has chosen to dwell within you. Read 1 Cor. 6:19-20; 2 Peter 1:13-14. Thank Him that your Body is His. Read Rom. 6:13,19Yield your members one by one unto God as instruments of righteousness rather than unto iniquity. If you have a part of your body that is not working properly, ask the Lord to heal and cleanse that portion. Include any organs that you know have been affected by sin. Read Romans 7 and declare that the “pull” of the old is eradicated. 

Day 6Read Isaiah 58:5-12.  Let God choose a fast for this day.  Declare a cutting off and a springing forth.  Declare healings will begin to break through.  Ask the Lord for His glory to set a guard behind you.  Ask the Lord to adjust any details in anything you have accomplished throughout the year.  Ask the Lord to give you wisdom over how to rectify any problems so you can move forward speedily.  Read Rom. 8. Thank Him that you have been adopted by Him and that His blood is flowing through you to restore you!

Day 7:  Read Isaiah 52:1-6.  This is a call to awaken to the fullness of your redemptive plan.  Loose yourself from any captivity.  Find your abiding place and be seated.  Do not dwell on your past defeats and sins.  Put on a new garment of victory.  

Day 8:  Read Matthew 12.  Concentrate on verses 43-45.  Ask God to fill you with His glorious Spirit so that you will secure any victory.  Declare that you will plunder the enemy’s camp and have a seven-fold restoration.  Agree with God that once you are delivered of one thing, your deliverance is secured and no other forces can overtake you.  Read Mark 4.  Declare your seed will prosper.  Shout: “I am not turning back!”  Ask the Lord for your next measure of faith.  

Day 9:  Read Psalms 39, 66 and 80.  He has measured your days.  Therefore, you never want to allow the enemy to rob you of your fullness.  Declare all wasted time will be reversed.  Thank Him for the testings you are going through.  Even though you are being stretched, you will become enlarged.  Stir up your strength and cry, “Restore!”  

Day 10:  Read Isaiah 40.  Allow the Lord to comfort you over past mistakes and losses.  Break out of your present warfare and begin to pioneer your way into your next measure.  Ask for your second wind or a new breath from the Lord.  Notice the power of God’s omnipotence as He compares His excellent knowledge to the nations of the earth.

Day 11:  Read Ezekiel 47.  Notice the river rises, and everywhere the river goes healing comes forth.  However, we must ask the Lord to take us deeper than where we are presently standing.  Let Him increase the measure of the river in your life.

Day 12:  Read Zechariah 2-4.  Ask God to extend a new measuring line over your life so that a new measure of joy can be released.  Ask Him to open your eyes to angelic activity around you.  Know that every mountain can move through a new measure of His Spirit.  

Day 13:  Read Luke 6 and Romans 12.  Notice how Jesus taught us how to love and give.  This becomes our road to the miraculous.  Ask the Lord to start paving that road in a new way for you.  Ask Him for His transforming, renewing power to overtake your mind.  Ask God to motivate you in a new way so your faith can operate in a new measure.  Faith works by love.  We prophesy according to our faith.  Prophesying your vision will cause you to break through.

Day 14:  Read 2 Corinthians 10 and Ephesians 4.  Ask the Lord to give you understanding of the warfare that is around you.  Review your apostolic connections and the spheres of authority that you are aligned with.  

Day 15:  Read Mark 6, 7 and 10.  Things are changing very rapidly.  Do not let rejection keep you from moving forward into the plan that God has for you.  We are entering into a time of changing leadership.  Therefore, the Lord is creating a new measure of faith and demonstration in those who will be advancing His Kingdom purposes.  He is cultivating a climate of faith for healing and miracles.  We must develop a mindset that says, “With God all things are possible!”  As we find our new place of service, by faith He will suddenly manifest many changes.  

Day 16:  Read Acts 16 and Acts 22.  Listen carefully for your Macedonian call.  God is shaking things all around us so that we can move forward.  If you feel like you are stymied, ask God to send a shaking, and watch the earth begin to move.  Watch all the chains begin to break, and blocked entrances begin to open.

Day 17Read Luke 18, Matthew 19, I John 1 and 2. Look at every narrow place in your life and decree that you will be anointed to squeeze through into your new enlarged place. 

Day 18: ReadNumbers 13, 14, 16, 17 & 20. Do not allow unbelief and fear to prevail in your vision. Ask the Lord to allow you to see in a new way. Do not allow jealousy, rebellion, and accusation to blind you so that you become like the camp at Korah – the earth opened and swallowed the people, and God sent a plague. Ask the Lord to remove these deadly spirits from the Body of Christ. We must always be careful in our attitude and actions toward leadership and though we may disagree with them, we should do so in an appropriate way. Recognize and deal with all cycles involving broken relationships with leaders. In the Wilderness of Zin, the people complained against Moses and Aaron because there was no water but rather than following God’s instruction to speak to the rock, Moses got angry and struck it. This was the only instance after leaving Sinai where God did not judge the people for their complaining but instead judged Moses so that he could not enter the Land. Ask the Lord to break old cycles of anger that have held you captive and kept you from crossing over into the fullness of His plan. Moses’ spirit became vexed, keeping him from revealing God’s pattern from heaven. Ask the Lord to stop you from reacting wrongly. Do not allow the following question to be yours: “Why have you brought us out of Egypt to die in the wilderness?” This slandered their future! Declare that you will have a “different” spirit like Joshua and Caleb.

Day 19Read Numbers 22-25, & 31. Watch for curses from outside the camp: Balak hires Balaam to curse Israel but is unsuccessful. Watch for idolatry and immorality from within the camp: Beware of seducing spirits. When Balak was not successful in placing a curse against Israel, he tempted them with idolatry and immorality. This was a new test. They failed, and God sent a plague. Ask the Lord to deliver you from seducing spirits. God ordered Israel to wipe out those who had seduced them and caused them to agree with idolatry and immorality. Israel fought and won but did not execute the full vengeance God had commanded. They took for themselves spoil and plunder which the Lord said was to be destroyed, but Moses made them execute the full vengeance of God. Partial victory is not enough this season. This is a time to understand the phrase “utterly destroy.” There are certain things that the Lord is refusing to allow to go into our next phase. Choose to let go of all that the Lord is requiring you to leave behind.

Day 20Read Hebrews 4 and 12. Don’t live in the past; this leads only to regret and bitterness. If you have repented, God’s grace will cover past sins and failings. Allow your past to be pruned away and instead of being a bitter drink offering, you will become a sweet drink offering to the Lord. Meditate on Hosea 2:14-23. Unlock your door of hope. Know that there is hope in your valley of Achor. Ask God to open that new door of hope. Ask the Lord for mercy. Renew your covenant with Him. Feel heaven and earth coming into agreement and new wine and oil flowing over you.

Day 21Read Psalm 4, Psalm 16, and Psalm 110. Allow the Lord to set you apart for the future. Let new joy and gladness arise. Declare you will sleep in peace and feel safe in the presence of God. Ask Him to secure your night and break open your morning with fresh insight.  Don’t fear the separating power that He is bringing upon your life. The song of glory in you may have been blocked, but there is a wind of release. Your blood may have been moving slowly but now it is singing a song of deliverance. Your blood and glory are awakening and will sing a new song.  Tell your flesh to rest in hope because your blood is waking up to His will.  His Word is filled with fire and is burning out the passivity that has resisted His movement in you. Through Him, you will win the war over your flesh and awaken the glory in your blood.

No matter when you receive this 21-day prayer focus, begin on Day One, enter into His “divine treatment”, and experience His blood in a new way!


Chuck D. Pierce

The Blood War: 21 Days of Intense Treatment (Including a 21-Day Prayer Focus) 血戰:21 天的強化治療 (包括21 天的禱告重點)


上帝的話語是活潑的——充滿力量,就像一把劍,將一個人的魂與他們永恆的部分—靈—分開。由於這種不可思議的力量,神的聖言使我們的心改變。我相信這種改變是在靈和體雙方面的。羅馬書 10 章 17 節說:“ 。”撒旦最大的策略是阻止你聽到上帝對你說的話。它知道當上帝的聲音穿透你時,會深入你的骨髓,重新排列你體內的細胞結構。它知道神的話對你體內的血液流動有強大的影響。當神的話語成功地穿透我們,當我們讓神的話儲存在我們的心中,並發展成我們的思維方式時,我們的血液系統就開始得到淨化。上帝的靈確實開始滲入我們的血液結構。


“我正讓你經歷 21 天激烈的治療時期。 我的寶血會變得比流經你身體內的血液更熱,並且通過聖靈,會開始尋找尚未被發現的細胞。 接下來的 21 天將是神聖而強烈的治療時期。 為期 21 天的強化治療正在進入我的聖民中。 在接下來的 21 天裡,我將在你身上做一些前所未有的事情!”


為血爭戰是身為基督的身體必須了解的最大衝突之一。 我們絕不能忘記,戰爭總是結束於我們主的寶血以及我們如何敬拜祂。 敵基督的勢力總是反對主耶穌基督的寶血。 隨著戰爭的升級,我們必須認清這股力量,並通過祂奇妙的寶血宣告我們的主的得勝。 正如約翰所說,“ ”(約翰福音 3:30)。”在揭開屬天的爭戰計畫”的書中有一整章關於 “血戰”, 有助於將祂的聖靈加增到你的血液裡!

在接下來的三個星期裡是至關緊要的,我相信祂活潑而活躍的話語將改變我們的血液和身體。 你有主放在你裡面的榮耀,此榮耀會開始移開並揭露出隱藏的事物。 如果你散發此榮耀的光,在過去曾讓你錯失良機的罪孽會被推開,並且神會讓你聽到祂的話語。 你的心會歡喜,你也會有力量去接受祂正在施行的治療。

我宣告: 在你身體中, 每一個因為祂的血液沒有被啟動而令你失去力量的地方, 現在都要復活起來。 我呼求讓祂的寶血帶來新的釋放, 流到你身體的每一個角落,使你沒有一處軟弱或虛弱無力。 我宣告,將有新的血液流動在上帝的子民之間,以不同方式彼此互相連接和互動,直到我們都一起達到信仰的合一為止。 當你閱讀這篇每日焦點時,我宣告你的思想會變得有紀律,所以你不會左右搖擺,而是堅定不移地倚靠祂。 你的思想正在進入到祂的時間裡,並祂的能力和權威之下。

第 1天:閱讀詩篇 139 篇,以弗所書 第2章。願主向你顯明你在祂裡面的身份。你是原創的——  !感謝祂在你母腹中塑造了你。花一天的時間讚美!默想並說出  5:16-24。下令你的整個靈,魂和體都將成聖!

第 2 天:用詩篇 23 唱歌或讚美。同意上帝讓你的靈魂得到復原。魂與“呼吸”有關連。魂是指一個人整個內在的天然和個性。閱讀申命記 26:16-19宣告你將被置於一個新的地方,並帶有一個名為“特殊”的印記。宣令生命是一個豐盛的生命。閱讀並在經文下劃線: 馬太福音6:25路加福音 12:22,約翰福音 10:10

第 3 :求主使你的心純潔!宣告你心裡的感覺、慾望、情感和厭惡,將與聖靈對齊。閱讀八福馬太5:1-12。求主給你的魂提供幫助或協助,這樣你就可以達到你的最高目標。宣告你的”結局” 將大於你的開始。讀哈該書第 2 章,求主讓你的魂開始以新的方式繁榮昌盛。閱讀約翰三書第 2 章;雅各書 1:21;  彼得前書 1:9現在求主讓你“看見”:  (太 5:8)。

第 4 天:記住 箴言 18:14求主對付任何來自世界的靈,這世界的靈用任何的方式困擾或影響你的靈 感謝上帝,你是一個屬靈的人,你將永遠與祂同住。 如果你沒有這個確據,停下來祈求主消除你的任何懷疑。 藉著祂的寶血接受潔淨。 閱讀希伯來書第9 ,求主潔淨你的良心,恢復到其全職權。 求主更新你與祂的交流。 用聖餐與祂相交。 你的靈與敬拜和神聖的聖餐有分。 閱讀並在哥林多前書 16:18 下劃線; 約伯記 32:18; 詩篇51:10; 馬太福音11:29; 林後 7:1;  彼前 2:11; 詩篇 77:6彼前 1:8-9; 賽26:9; 羅 8:10; 弗 4:4; 雅 2:26

第 5 肉體是人的三位一體存在的最低部分,是魂和靈居住的所在。尊重那已選擇要住在你裡面的聖靈。閱讀哥林多前書6:19-20; 彼後 1:13-14感謝祂,你的身體是祂的。閱讀 羅6:13, 19。將你身體的每部分, 一個一個的屈服於上帝成為公義的器具而不是罪惡的器具。 如果你身體的某個部分做得不合宜,請求主醫治和淨化那部分。包括任何你所知道受罪影響的器官。閱讀羅馬書第 7 並宣告肉體內舊樣式的“拉扯”已被根除。

第 6 :閱讀以賽亞書 58:5-12。讓上帝選擇這日作為禁食日。宣告”斷開”和”湧流而出” 。宣告醫治將開始有所突破。求主因祂的榮耀在你身後設下保護。求主調整你在這一年所完成所有事件的任何細節。求主賜你智慧告訴你如何糾正任何問題,讓你能夠快速前進。 羅馬書第8 章, 感謝祂,你被祂收養,祂的血流經你體內,要來修復你!

第 7 閱讀以賽亞書 52:1-6。 這是個呼召, 要喚醒,並要使你的救贖計劃能夠完成。 擺脫任何束縛,找到你的住處並安置好。 不要居住在你過去的失敗和罪惡。 穿上勝利的新衣裳。

第 8 閱讀馬太福音 第12 。專注於第 43-45 節。 祈求上帝用祂榮耀的靈充滿你,這樣你就能確保任何的勝利。宣告你將掠奪敵人的營地並進行七倍的恢復。 你要同意上帝 : 一旦你被釋放了一件事,你的釋放是有保障的,並且沒有其它力量可以勝過你。 閱讀馬可福音第 4 ,宣告你的種子會茁壯成長, 發芽。 大喊:“我不回頭!” 求主賜你下一個信心的高度。

第 9 閱讀詩篇 第 39、66 和 80 。祂已經定準了你的日子。 因此,你永遠不容許敵人奪走你的豐富。 宣告所有浪費的時間將被逆轉。 為你正在經歷的考驗感謝祂。 即使你被拉扯,你也會變得更大。 鼓起你的力量喊道:“恢復!”

第 10 閱讀以賽亞書 第 40 。讓主安慰你過去的錯誤和損失。 擺脫你目前的戰爭,開始拓展你的下一個計劃。 向主祈求給你第二次的風或新的氣息。上帝將自己的卓越知識與地球上的萬國進行了比較後, 更能彰顯出上帝自己無所不能的力量。

第 11 閱讀以西結書 第 47 。請注意當河水上漲,河水所到之處都會帶來醫治。 然而,我們必須求主帶領我們到比我們目前所處位置的更深之處。 讓祂增加你生命中這條河水的水量。

第 12 閱讀撒迦利亞書 第2-4 章。 祈求上帝在你的生活中延伸一條新的衡量線,以便釋放出新的喜樂。 請求祂睜開你的眼睛,看看在你周圍活動的天使。 要知道藉著祂靈的提升,每座山都可以被挪動。

第 13 閱讀路加福音 第6 章和羅馬書 第12 。注意耶穌如何教導我們- 如何去愛和去給予。 這成為我們通往神蹟的道路。 求主開始以新的方式為你鋪路。 祈求祂改變、更新的能力來掌管你的心思意念。 祈求上帝以新的方式激勵你,讓你的信仰以新的方式運作。 信心因愛而工作。 我們根據我們的信心來說預言,預言出你的異象會為你帶來突破。

第 14 閱讀哥林多後書第 10 章和以弗所書第 4 章。求主讓你了解發生在你周圍的爭戰。 審視你與使徒的連結和你認可權柄的領域,你必須與他們對齊同盟。

第 15 閱讀馬可第 6、7 和 10 。事情變化非常迅速。不要讓拒絕的心態阻止你進入上帝為你製定的計劃。 我們正在進入一個領導階層更換的時代。 因此,主正在為那些即將邁進祂國度目標的人,創造一種新的信心和表現。 祂正在培養一種治療性和神蹟性的信心氛圍。 我們必須培養這樣一種心態:“在上帝,一切皆有可能!” 當我們發現新的服事地方時,憑著信心,祂會突然顯明出許多的改變。

第 16 天:閱讀使徒行傳 第16 和 22 章。仔細聆聽你的馬其頓呼聲。 上帝正在震動我們周圍的一切事物,以便我們能夠向前邁進。 如果您覺得自己受阻,請求上帝發出一種震動,然後看著地上開始移動的事物。 看著所有的鎖鏈開始被斷裂,被封鎖的入口開始被打開。

第 17 天:閱讀路加福音 第18 章,馬太福音第 19 章,約翰一書 第1 第2 章。看看你生命中每一個狹窄的地方,並宣告你將被膏抹,擠壓通過狹窄之地,並進入你新的擴張之地。

第 18 天:閱讀民數記 第 13、14、16、17 和 20 。不要讓不信和恐懼勝過你的異象。求主讓你以新的方式看見。不要讓嫉妒、叛逆和控告蒙蔽了你,使你變得像可拉的帳棚一樣——大地裂開吞沒了他們,上帝降下了瘟疫。求主從基督的身體中除去這些致命的靈。我們必須總是謹慎於我們對領導人物的態度和行動,儘管我們可能不同意他們的意見,但我們應該要有適當的態度。我們當識別並處理所有涉及與領導者之間一種循環性破裂的關係。在尋的曠野,百姓因沒有水而向摩西和亞倫發怨言,摩西沒有聽從神的吩咐去對磐石說話,就發怒擊打磐石。這是離開西乃山後唯一一次神沒有審判會抱怨的百姓,而是審判摩西,使他不能進入那地。祈求主打破舊的憤怒循環,這些循環一直束縛著你,阻止你跨越到祂的完整計劃。摩西的心變得煩躁,阻止他從天上得到神啟示他關於上帝的樣式。求主阻止你做出錯誤的反應。不要讓下面的問題成為你的問題:“你為什麼帶我們出埃及,死在曠野?”這是在詆毀他們的未來!宣告你將擁有像約書亞和迦勒他們那樣有“與眾不同”的精神。

第 19 天:閱讀民數記 第 22-25 和 31 。  注意營外的詛咒:巴勒聘請巴蘭詛咒以色列的這件事沒有成功。注意營地內的偶像崇拜和不道德行為:提防引誘人的邪靈。當巴勒要詛咒以色列沒有成功時,就用拜偶像和不道德的行為引誘他們(以色列)。這是一個新的考驗。他們(以色列)失敗了,上帝就降下了瘟疫。所以求主救你脫離引誘的靈。上帝命令以色列消滅那些引誘他們並使他們同意拜偶像和不道德的人。雖然以色列爭戰並取得勝利,但並沒有執行上帝所命令的全面性的報復。他們為自己奪取了耶和華所說要毀滅的戰利品,但摩西要他們去執行上帝要的全面性報復。在這季節僅取得部分的勝利是不夠的。現在是理解“徹底摧毀”一詞的時候了。主拒絕讓某些事物進到我們的下一個階段。選擇放下主要你拋下的一切。

第 20 天:閱讀希伯來書 第 4 章和第 12 章。不要活在過去;這只會導致遺憾和痛苦。如果你悔改了,上帝的恩典會遮蓋你過去的罪過和失敗。讓你的過去被修剪掉,你將成為獻給主的甜祭,而不是苦祭。默想何西阿書 2:14-23。打開你的希望之門。要知道在你的亞割谷是有希望的。祈求上帝打開那扇新的希望之門。求主憐憫。更新你與祂的盟約。感受天地合一,並新酒新油在你身上流淌。

第 21 天:閱讀詩篇 第 4 篇、16 篇和 110 。容許主讓你的未來與眾不同。 讓新的喜悅和喜樂升起。 宣告你會安然入睡,在上帝的同在裡感到安全。 祈求祂在夜間保護你,並以全新的洞察力開啟你的早晨。 不要害怕祂帶給你生命的分離能力。 你心中的榮耀之歌可能已被阻擋,但有釋放之風吹來。 你的血液可能一直在緩慢流動,但現在它正在唱著一首拯救之歌。 你的鮮血和榮耀正在甦醒,將唱出一首新歌。 告訴你的肉體在希望中安息,因為你的血液正在喚醒祂的旨意。 祂的話語充滿了火,在你裡面那被動性的抵擋神的運作正在被祂的話燒毀。 通過祂,你將贏得這場肉體的爭戰,並喚醒你血液中的榮耀。




原文出處: Chuck D. Pierce from Glory of Zion International : The Blood War: 21 Days of Intense Treatment (Including a 21-Day Prayer Focus)